Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Turley: Swift new impeachment would damage the Constitution

 Turley is a distinguished Law professor, has been called on to testify as an expert in front of Congress.  He is a Liberal, a severe critic of Trump, but a rational and objective expert on the law and also on the Constitution.  He has no axe to grind, and is one of the few remaining principled men with wonderful qualifications whose inputs can be accepted pretty much at face value.  They won't interview him on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN because he won't provide the inputs they want.

The law is clear and the definitions of incitement and sedition are not complicated.  As stupid as Trump's whole rally was, and foolish as he was to tell people to march down to the Capitol (which only a fraction of his rally attendees did), he didn't say the words or even make implications about invading the Capitol.  The assorted accusers are clamming he "as good as" did so, but that's now how the law works, you cannot claim to know what the hidden meaning is in someone else's words.
Turley is the kind of expert that is really needed in these times of screaming emotionalism and rampant partisanship.  They got this through the House of course, but it will go into a trial in the Senate that will bring on all kinds of screaming but hopefully enough Senators will stick to the rules of evidence and the rule of law, he won't be convicted.  If he is, as Turley says, the precedent will be horribly destructive for the future.

Turley: Swift new impeachment would damage the Constitution

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