Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Our Brave New Biden World.

 Our Brave New Biden World. By VICTOR DAVIS HANSON

Excerpt: In which the past is rewritten and the present is molded to burnish the commander in chief America traditionally has not reinvented reality after an election, although prior presidential winners have often tried, as in the fashion of our politics. But the new powers of social media, Silicon Valley, and a woke media have made reality-changing now a reality. Suddenly Antifa and BLM have all but disappeared from their heroic barricades. Where and why did they go? Did they ever really exist? Mysteriously, a week or two before the election, the flood of violence in our major cities began downsizing to a tiny trickle. How strange that former angry throngs are now in nearly suspended animation. Are all those black kneepads, helmets, and umbrellas now in closets? Are all those whiny Pajama Boys on the barricades back teaching in their Zoom classrooms, or taking their college Zoom classes in their parents’ basements What changed? What in the world convinced committed revolutionaries to cease their long march to revolutionary justice? (Very nice job of bitter sarcasm in a situation that really deserves it. I do not doubt some of his predictions will come true. Democracy drowns in a sea of media propaganda. --Del)

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