Sunday, October 11, 2020

Sen. Tim Kaine made the most ignorant statement this year.

Sen. Tim Kaine made the most ignorant statement this year.

Dem. Sen. Kaine Claims United States ‘Created’ Slavery and ‘Didn’t Inherit Slavery from Anybody’

Every southern states' declaration of succession mentions the need to protect their "peculiar institution." Certainly slavery was a great stain on US history and the country would be better today if not one slave had been brought to these shores. But try though they will, the past cannot be changed.


A great many Chinese were brought as virtual slave labors to the west coast and buried in mass graves when they died. It was cheaper to get more than to treat them well. Chinese Americans today have higher average incomes than other Americans. Yellow privilege?


There may be more slaves in the world today than ever before. Even now there are domestic slaves brought to America by immigrants, mainly Muslim, and sex slaves in things like “Asian Massage Parlors.”


Slavery was not created by racism. Most slaves in the history of the world were the same color as their masters. But in America, slavery created racism, as it was comforting for owners to think of their property as not human (as the Nazis saw Jews and abortion proponents see unborn babies.)


The word Slave probably comes from Slav, because so many slaves in Europe were Slavs. The American Indians enslaved their enemies, the Asians enslaved each other, and the black tribes in Africa enslaved each other. The advent of sailing ships meant blacks could be purchased from other blacks and brought to the Americas cheaply.


If you go back as far as the Roman empire, each of us had trillions of ancestors. So we are all descended from slaves.


“The fact is that slavery disappeared only as industrial capitalism emerged. And it disappeared first where industrial capitalism appeared first: Great Britain. This was no coincidence. Slavery was destroyed by capitalism.” --Economist Don Boudreaux


Muslim slave traders penetrated deep into sub-Sahara Africa, buying slaves from the tribes. Untold thousands, maybe millions, died on the trip across the desert. The survivors were worked to death, unless they were women attractive enough for the harem.


Dr. Thomas Sowell, the black economist, in his brilliant essay, “The real history of slavery” reports that during the same period when 500,000 African slaves were brought to north America, a million white Europeans were kidnapped by Muslim slave raiders into north Africa. There is a theory that Muslim slave raids brought about the fall of Rome, by forcing the population away from the cultivated coasts.


The blacks brought to American were sold to white slavers by black tribes. White men could not go into the interior of Africa because of diseases they had no protection against.


Slaves built the Pyramids, Greece and Rome. White slaves were being auctioned in Cairo in the 1880s. The Suez Canal was built by workers under the lash, slaves in all but name. Muslims used Janissaries or Mamelukes as slaves in their armies. These were Christian boys kidnapped from Europe and forcibly converted to Islam.


At the battle of Lepanto, when the fleet of the Holy League turned back the last Muslim crusade to conquer Europe, both fleets were powered by slave rowers. The victors freed 5000 Christian slaves from the Muslim galleys. Probably many more drowned.


In 1981, the Islamic Republic of Mauritania became the last country in the world to formally abolish slavery, when a presidential decree abolished the practice. However, no criminal laws were passed to enforce the ban, and it still persists there. 


I’ve done my genealogy back many generations past the Mayflower and found no slave owners, at least in north America. (When you get back to Charlemagne, probably all kings held slaves). But I’m supposed to pay reparations to Kamala Harris, who says she isn’t responsible for her family owning slaves. So how am I responsible?


Robert A. Hall

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