Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Reminder: What happens if the Democrats win the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives?


Reminder: What happens if the Democrats win the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives?

Robert A. Hall

The first step will be to “Pack the Court,” that is, increase the Supreme Court by five or six justices that are reliably leftwing, willing to ignore the rule of law and shred the constitution for the Democrats’ agenda. Then the Democrats have absolute power over all three branches of government.

Step two. Make all illegals here citizens, eligible to vote and get welfare and healthcare from the taxpayers (that’s you). Stop border enforcement to invite hundreds of thousands of migrants, who will become citizens, and get welfare and healthcare, paid for by the taxpayers. With them will come criminals and jihadists. They will vote Democrat to get the benefits for generations. The US will become a one-party state. That always ends badly.

Step three: Pass the “Green New Deal.” This will cost trillions. Ban fossil fuels, killing tens of thousands of jobs and beggaring the poor and middle class.

Step four: Outlaw charter and private schools. All local schools will be under the control of the Federal Government. Your children will be taught what the bureaucrats want them taught. You will be punished if you teach them differently.

Step five: Step by step, take away your second amendment right to defend yourself and your family.

Step six: Take away your first amendment right to free speech. Any criticism of the government or their favored identity groups will be criminalized as hate speech.

Step seven: Bring all media, including social media, under government control. Outlets that say flattering things about the government will prosper. Others will be suppressed.

Step eight: Pass “Medicare for All” to buy the votes of all those new citizens. This also will cost trillions.

Step nine: Cut all Federal funding for local police. Crime will skyrocket, but not be prosecuted.

Step ten: Cut the military to the bone, so we cannot defend our interests and our allies.

Step eleven: Back off on Chinese expansionism and theft of intellectual property. The administration will be a wholly owned subsidiary of “Beijing, Inc.” Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines, and South Korea will all need to seek an accommodation with China, because we can’t protect them. Like Hong Kong, Taiwan will cease to be a free and prosperous society.

Step twelve: Raise taxes. There aren’t enough “rich” to pay for all this, so the middle class and business must be soaked. Hard. Sell your house and pay high “capital gains” taxes. Home values will plummet. Do anything and pay. Both the wealthy and corporations will flee the US, taking millions of jobs with them.

There will be riots and protests, but this time the government will arrest and jail protesters. There will be violence.

Then fiscal collapse. And people will say, “Why didn’t somebody do something?”

Will your grandchildren be socialist serfs? Get out and vote on Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Please pass on.



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