Thursday, October 22, 2020

Not news?

 Hi. I just performed an interesting experiment that others may wish to try for themselves. I Googled “Hunter Biden-FBI money laundering” to see what I’d find for results. In the first 7 pages of items–which was as far as I went–I found several mentions of Fox News, the New York Post, and a bunch of second tier newspapers and internet sites. Surprisingly, I also found a mention from AARP’s Community Line, a sort of daily on-line newspaper for AARP members. There was not even one mention sourced from ABC, NBC, CBS, or MS-NBC. Nothing but silence from the major daily USA newspapers. Even the London Daily Mail (one article) had more coverage than the combined American legacy media.

So, I repeated the 7 page experiment using the “search” feature at AOL News, but they only had 4 pages of results. The only “new” sites I saw were MSN’s online news, and Yahoo News.

So, I repeated it again at Yahoo News. There, I was able to add a site in the Netherlands, one that I think was in Germany, and one in India. Otherwise, only duplications.

There is plenty of political news today, and dozens of mentions of Joe Biden, all of them very favorable. The only mentions of Hunter’s problems are stories from last week saying all his problems were being investigated as “Russian dis-information” (already denied by both the FBI and the Director of National Intelligence). It’s almost like Hunter himself doesn’t even exist, let alone have legal problems that implicate his father. And, this is after the NY Post publication of a copy of the FBI subpoena referencing money laundering.

If you were trying to get your news only from main stream TV or news channels, you’d have no idea there was even a problem to begin with. “If they don’t mention it, it must not be news” has to be the attitude they’re taking.
Ron P.

If the media wasn’t protecting him, the Biden campaign would have collapsed weeks ago. ~Bob

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