Thursday, September 10, 2020

Identifying the enemy

Identifying the enemy by Didact

Excerpt: A lot of the God-Emperor’s enemies describe him as a moron and a buffoon who has no clue about basic human realities, an orange doofus with no ability to string together a coherent sentence, an evil racist stupid fool that is guided by others around him and can barely lift a spoon to his mouth without using Twitter to aggrandise himself. Watch the videos there, and tell me if that description of him is accurate. That is not a man who lets others speak for him and who has no independence of mind. That is a man who understands evil, at the spiritual level. All of the parts of the interview are excellent, but the best stuff is in the first section. You should of course listen to the whole thing, but I’m specifically interested in segments of the very first part that discuss the spiritual war that the President is fighting. (Didact doesn't live in the US, in not a US citizen, and is one of the more patriotic Americans you will find.  He was a foreign worker in the financial sector, living in NJ and working in NYC, when his worker's visa was pulled because his company restructured him out.  Raised an atheist, a couple of years ago he adopted Christianity and goes, generally, to Catholic church.  He hasn't fully swum the Tiber yet, so to speak, and I think is waiting for God to call the never sufficiently to be damned Bergoglio. --TK)

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