Monday, September 28, 2020



The American War Library

The first time I came across this scam institution was maybe 5 years ago, when he was circulating the false news that 2/3 of all Vietvets had died.  (Got so spread around that finally the VVA did a cover article on their magazine rebutting it a couple of years ago, but you will still see it quoted in places.)  The guy behind it used a boatload of aliases, but his real name is Phill Coleman, and the "Library" exists only in his computer records.  He has successfully scammed a lot of vets and does have a lot of information on people's records.  But he publishes lots of false stuff he's made up.


If you do a search on the library you will get a number of hits.  Below is the most recent one with lots of details.  I recommend spreading this out far&wide to the vet community so fewer people will fall for it.



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