Monday, October 7, 2019

Impeaching Trump Is Against Blacks' Economic Interests.

Impeaching Trump Is Against Blacks' Economic Interests. By Clarence McKee
Excerpt: While black presidential candidates and their me-too black colleagues in the House of Representatives polish the impeachment boots of their white liberal Democrat and media establishment puppeteers, their black constituents are making historic gains in the Trump economy. Two years ago, in an August 21, 2017, article in the Chicago Tribune, Heritage Foundation Senior Fellow, Trump campaign economic adviser, and nominee for the Federal Reserve Board Stephen Moore, said that Trump was creating “more jobs and higher incomes for blacks.” He also cited statistics showing that the black unemployment rate had fallen by a full percentage point; black labor force participation was up; and the number of black Americans with a job had risen by 600,000 from the prior year; and, that preliminary data showed black wages and incomes were up.

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