Thursday, October 31, 2019


Robert A. Hall

It’s scary on all Hollow’s Eve,
Ye never ken who’s at the door—
It might be a ghost or the fairies—
Of the jealous husband of sweet Nellie Moore!

It might be the Loch Ness Monster
Come slitherin’ oot o’ the deep=
Or the brother o’ Margaret MacGregor,
Claimin’ there’s a promise to keep!

It might be a water kelpie
Come creepin’ oot o’ the sea—
Or a lass with a bonny wee bairn
Wi’ a faint resemblance to me!

It might be an old hangit man,
Come clawin’ up oot o’ the ground—
Or the terrible mean old faither
O bonny, young Miss Molly Brown!

It might be any kind o’ a monster,
A thief, a rapist, a killer!
It might be the Queen’s Excise Man
Who’s come to demand a’ my siller!

Aye, it’s scary in Bonny Auld Scotland
When the witches come wigglin’ through—
Not to mention the fitball supporters
Who stagger around a’ roarin’ fu’!

You never ken who’s at your door—
To open to a ghost would be risky.
And it might be the maist fearful o’ a’—
And Englishman after my whisky!

From "share the Cup"

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