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Random Thoughts for November 2019

Random Thoughts for November 2019
By Robert A. Hall
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Many people are desperate to find solutions to problems they made themselves.

I think California should order the walls in gated communities and gated homes torn down because they are undemocratic.

Every day we have little tasks (take out the trash, clean up after the pets, do the laundry, etc.) which are not edifying, but are time consuming. If you don’t do them, your life turns to crap.

Saw a tee shirt: It takes a secure man to buy his wife a gun.

Dealing with bureaucracy is like wading through molasses.

When socialist planners put their fingers in the economy, things always get worse for average folks. Eventually much worse.  

I wish I had the money to live in NYC, SF or LA. I don’t want to live there, but I wish I had that kind of money.

Tee shirt: Someday, where scientists discover the center of the universe, many people will be disappointed to find it’s not them. 

Thrift shops like Goodwill are overrun with glass vases that come from florists. People think they are too good to throw away, but not good enough to keep.

When I was in high school, I was dying to have a leather jacket, like my friends had. They cost over $100, which was like $500 today. I lived with my grandmother in a one-bedroom apartment, slept on a pullout couch. Way out of our price range. My friend Charles lent me a German one his dad brought back from WWII. Today (October 6, 2019) I bought two nice ones at a flea market for $5 each. Will give them away as I have five already. Wish I could ship one back to the 16-year-old Bob.

Don’t let dread of winter ruin your enjoyment of autumn. Don’t let dread of death ruin your enjoyment of life.

A sport coat covers a multitude of sins. And a 9mm very nicely.

The spirit is willing, but the flesh is wrecked.

I told the VA director he should have signs put inside the stalls in staff area bathrooms: “This is not a booth for checking phone messages.” Be good in a lot of stores too.

The only “sanctions” that work are delivered by B-52s. Or boots on the ground.

Politicians of all stripes feather their own nests and take care of their families, friends and paramours. Partisans of both sides claim only the other party does it.

Sometimes you have to stand alone.

If we had a balanced media, Democrats wouldn’t stand a chance.

People seek geographical solutions to internal problems.

There is no such thing as a corruption-free government. People always seek to improve their circumstances, and that of their families and friends. Legally when they can, but often illegally. Government officials have more opportunity to do that illegally. Which is why one-party dictatorships always have more corruption than democracies, be they right wing, socialist or Islamic. Those who would call them out are shot, or silenced by fear.

Baking from a boxed cake mix is like wearing a clip-on bow tie.

I may be old, but I can still put in a hard day’s work. It just takes me about three weeks to do that day.

When I drop something, I have to think if it’s worth the pain of bending over to pick it up, or if I should just leave it there.

Why would the Devil make deals for souls when masses of people are determined to go to him anyway?

I suppose it’s true that too much money can ruin you, but I think I could tolerate a few hundred thousand more.

Progressives are a cancer on the body politic, and like a cancer in the human body, will kill the host if not excised.

My “get it done now” imperative can create more work for me. If I write a note that needs to go on my desk for action later, I tend to take it to the desk now, even though I’ll be going in there in a bit.

Every treasure you’ve built up will be stolen by that relentless thief, time.

Many of the people now who thank Vietnam vets for their service are the people (or their kids) who spit on the vets when they came home from Nam.

It costs so little to be kind, helpful, nice, and polite, and pays off so well.

My wife’s super power is the ability to not notice clutter at all.

People often judge bananas by their appearance, not their contents. They judge other people the same way.

People are expected to choose a mate, a career and political leaders at an age when they aren’t competent to choose a brand of beer.

They Democrats are the party of the Free Rider. Many of them don’t vote, but once they have a solid majority of Free Riders, the Democrats will win all the elections. Until the country collapses in fiscal ruin. Keep your powder dry.

There must be a Progressive Academic Award for the progressive professor who identifies the most previously-undiscovered sources or examples of racism in a year.

In the 1940s, college students weren’t afraid of the Nazi and Japanese armies and joined the military in droves. Now college students are afraid of ideas, and band together to drive speakers who might say something they disagree with off campus.

Every time the techies “improve” a website or program, they make it harder to use and less intuitive. I now find it almost impossible to use MapQuest and Google Maps. They’ve “improved” several programs I use at work, making them harder to use.

I have several shot glasses, but I don’t know why. I measure whisky and other liquors by sight.

If you love heroin, you cannot love a person. They are just objects to be used or discarded.

Many people dream. Few accomplish.

From an email: Brandolini's law states that: The amount of energy needed to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it.

Some early Christians believed in mortifying the flesh. Some churches today believe in mortifying the eardrums with rock music played at a decibel level that would melt glass.

Everyone has a monster hidden inside. The evil people have let it take over their lives.

“He meant well,” is the epitaph of every socialist who condemned millions to oppression, privation, starvation, and extermination in pursuit of the chimera of a socialist utopia.

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