Thursday, July 11, 2019

The Republic Is Collapsing:

The Republic Is Collapsing: The Time to Act Is Now. By David Solway
It's finally come out, in plain language. Some may consider this man's opinion to be over the top. I'm sorry to say I don't think so, the craziness has gotten to be past any belief, and hope for some nice return to sanity has withered away. The real Leftists and crazies are not going to stop, they will push, scream, attack, play victim, polarize, misinform, and just plain lie to serve their end. And that end is the change of this nation from what it has been, what has made outstanding for freedom and prosperity, into something else, where both freedom and prosperity will suffer badly. They weren't honest enough to do a direct declaration of war on our society, like Pearl Harbor, but over time their boldness has grown to where you have to be deliberately blind to not see the danger they have become to the future of this nation. To the future of our children and grandchildren and everyone anywhere who believes in the power and goodness of the American ideals and traditions. I hope this message gets to Trump and his advisers, and they take it most seriously. If this downward drive isn't slowed and stopped soon, it will go until it hits a bottom that I don't want to think about. --Del

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