Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Nike again. Boycott them!

OK, if a couple of days ago you asked me "Would Nike trash a batch of their shoes call the Betsy Ross model because it has an image of the original US flag on it, and someone said that offended them?", I would have said No Way, that's bad business and really abysmally stupid.
Oops.... it turns out that since their super special representative, Colin Kaerperneck, told them that is a racist image that offends him and others, they have in fact trashed the shoes. The governor of Nevada has withdrawn all tax incentives offered to Nike to put a factory there, in
response to this incredibly stupid and offensive move. A lot of other people are forswearing every buying another Nike product.
My best guess is that Nike does well selling to the Black community, where a lot of people think very highly of Colin K. So they took his advice about dumping the shoes, lest they offend a key market segment. But the bulk of Nikes are bought by other people who at the worst don't care about the flag, but many of whom would like it a lot. And I really doubt that suddenly the whole Black community would boycott Nike because Colin doesn't like the shoe design. So this was, in my not so humble opinion, a really, really stupid move. And I hope it puts a very noticeable crimp in Nike sales. I not only won't buy any, I would not wear them if they were a gift.
And if the flag offends Colin or anyone else that matter, then I wonder how they withstand the torture of living were there are a lot of red white & blue flags flying. I wonder why they are still here. -Del I have had zero tolerance for Nike products, ever from Goodwill, since they hired CK. My wife points out that there are a lot of shoeless black kids in the third world who could have used these shoes, rather than polluting the environment by dumping them in a landfill. ~Bob

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