Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Sweden's Self-Inflicted Mess

Sweden's Self-Inflicted Mess: The Scared Girls of Uppsala; Children of ISIS Terrorists
Excerpt: In the picturesque Swedish university city of Uppsala, 80% of girls do not feel safein the city center. One 14-year old teenager, who is afraid to reveal her identity, told the Swedish media that she always wears trainers so that she can 'run faster' if she is attacked: "I sat down on a bench and immediately guys came and sat next to me on both sides. Then more guys came and stood in front of me. They began to grab my hair and my legs and said things to me that I did not understand. I became so terrified and told them many times to stop, but they did not listen... Everything is so horrible. This is so wrong. I want to be able to feel safe", she said about taking the bus home. (Sweden Has Problems. And they seem intent on not only not dealing with the ones they have, but signing up for more. I really cannot imagine what it will be like there ins 20 years. Especially considering the birth rate of native Swedes is very low, the birth rate of the immigrants is quite high. In 40 years what is liable to be there will be unrecognizable to a Swede from the year 2000. Given the low church attendance there now, by then it will be Islam practiced by more people than any other creed. --Del)

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