Saturday, June 22, 2019

Book Recommendation: Indian Country by Kurt A. Schlichter

Indian Country by Kurt A. Schlichter
This the is the second of a series of three (so far) political thrillers by Schlichter about America after the blue states have split with the red states, forming separate (and hostile) countries. Since it is a “prequel,” it can be read first. I have read “People’s Republic,” the first book and look forward to reading the third. It should be read by progressives because the hyper tension spike will be good for what ails them. I would say that the positions and characters of the blue states, caricaturizes them, except each day progressive leaders, in their race to get as far to the left of Stalin and Mao as possible, caricaturize themselves far more than this novel does. Schlichter served as an Army infantry officer on active duty, and retired as a colonel from the Guard, so his military stuff is believable. He is a very experienced writer, but mostly of non-fiction. I found his characters and fiction writing style both good and enjoyable, though not at the level of, say, a Tom Kratman in “Caliphate” or in the Carrera or Countdown series. I plan to buy and read the third book. (Despite five shelves of unread history books and a few novels.) I think conservatives who like adventure books written as frightening near-future history will like this book.

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