Thursday, February 21, 2019

Why Does Parenthood Have a Public-Relations Problem?

Why Does Parenthood Have a Public-Relations Problem? Jonah Goldberg
Excerpt: Upon seeing a Pew Research poll showing that lower-income teens are much less interested in having children someday, Bethany Mandel observes, “parenthood has a public relations problem.” Isn’t that the truth! After the Elian Gonzalez controversy in 2000, I remember watching a PBS roundtable that featured author Richard Rodriguez. He pointed to a cartoon that depicted Gonzalez and offered what I thought was an observation for the ages: A cartoonist in the morning paper, mediocre talent, who every time he had a chance to draw Elián would put him in sunglasses with his Nike shoes, you know the consumerist Nike child. And I think, if you were really to ask a lot of American parents, would this boy be better off in Havana or would he be better off in South Beach on roller-blades with sunglasses, a lot of Americans, in our middle-aged caution, would say we would not want Elián to grow up like our own children.

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