Thursday, February 21, 2019

Leftist Ideology and the Corruption of the American Military by William Boyd

Leftist Ideology and the Corruption of the American Military. by William Boyd
Excerpt: Liberal ideology holds the American military in a vice grip, squeezing the very lifeblood of warlike virtue from its veins. Nowhere is this spiritual corrosion more evident than in the integration of women into our armed forces. Like the Marxists before them, the contemporary Left dismisses reality out of hand. “Nature we will teach—and freedom we will reach.”

I don't agree that women don't belong at all in the Marine Corps, but I do agree that pushing to get them into the infantry and going to all kinds of special lengths for any "special" groups is a very bad idea.  It does make sense to have different levels of physical performance for women, fewer pushups, pullups, etc, and that kind of accomodation for their different physiology really makes no difference anyhow, as long as they are not going to be serving in the infantry.  (Or any other job that requires serious upper body strength and endurance.)  Out in the field, with physical challenges that don't care what body you have and enemy that doesn't care either, then only one standard can apply. 
I noted with dismay that the Corps has finally started training men and women together in Basic, and that's one more stupid move.  For heaven's sake, do we have to point out again and again that the Olympics have separate events for men and women and nobody is demanding that they abolish that policy?  If there were only Tennis, open to everyone, the three winners of medals would always be men, same for almost every other event anyone can think of.  They've had women in the Iron Man triathlon for decades now, and women do finish, but the average time of women to finish is an hour more than the average time for men.  Gee, is there any meaning in that?  Duhh....
The single most important goal of the military is lethality, that is, effectiveness in taking on and defeating the enemy.  Every change of any sort for the military has to be measured against that criterion.  If there is no positive effect, then the change is rejected.  Nothing about feelings or social justice or anything else matters in the least.  PC BS in the long run detracts from lethality a lot, and that means injustice to men but more important, an eventual price in blood.


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