Sunday, July 8, 2018


When Islamic jihadis seized slaves in England
Excerpt: I recount how in July 1625, a twenty-ship contingent of jihadi pirates from Morocco arrived in Mount’s Bay in southern England. Bursting into the local parish church during a service, they captured sixty men, women, and children from the terrified congregation and took them back to Morocco, to live a life of slavery. At Looe, they took eighty more and set the town ablaze. In a series of similar raids, they took two hundred people as slaves and seized twenty-seven British ships as well. All this is forgotten in England today, where any discussion of the jihad threat will get you charges of “Islamophobia” and “racism.” That’s the value of history: to remind people that people didn’t always think and act the same way, and that the present way they think and act may not be correct or wise, based on past experience. 9twice as many kidnapped white Europeans were taken to north Africa as Muslim slaves and blacks were bought from other blacks in Africa and taken to north America, in the same time period. Source: Dr. Thomas Sowell. ~Bob)

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