Saturday, July 14, 2018


There IS a German opposition to the craziness. Except we mostly hear from Merkel and her supporters, and the opposition AfD (Alternative fur Deutschland) is been painted as a minority of neoNazis and Islamophobes. Except they ended up taking a serious chunk of votes last time, and are now a signficant part of the Bundestag. Because a whole bunch of non-extremist Germans have been fed up with the misgoverning of Merkel and the other politicians who are ready to have German society commit suicide, fed up with being overtaxed to pay for refugees/immigrants who aren't all who they say they are and some of whom hate and despise German culture and society, fed up with the police and the media covering up so much of what goes on. So AfD has been gaining support and is not just a bunch of nutcase extremists, much as Merkel and a lot of people want to paint them that way. The link takes you to one of the excellent speeches made by AfD representatives in the Bundestag, who tells it like it is and backs it up with hard facts and statistics. On the same page in YouTube are other such speeches, all with subtitles. If you are trying to hold on to hope for Europe, I recommend you watch at least some of this. --Del

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