Thursday, July 12, 2018


Income equality, not inequality, that won out in 2016. BY FRANCIS P. DESTEFANO
The simple conclusion is that all the social welfare safety nets overall work at least fairly well. Yes, there are families that only report something like $25K in income, but that neglects the Food Stamps, welfare, housing allowances, and sundry other benefits that in effect allow them to live very much like a similar family that has two parents working and bringing in $50K in taxable income while getting no benefits.
There is still no question that people in the lower 10% or so do not have all the comforts and security of those in the 40-70% bracket. Some of that may be due to lack of opportunity, some to bad luck, and some to consistently making poor judgments.
What's significant is that claims of how awful life is for the bottom 20% are clearly overstated, and our society is not as imbalanced and unjust as some believe.

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