Saturday, April 28, 2018

Awful House

John Kass: Left's knee-jerk reaction to Waffle House killings runs counter to facts
excerpt: Travis Reinking, the mentally disturbed man charged in the Waffle House killings, had his guns taken away with the help of law enforcement. This is a fact. But the guns were returned to him by his father, and four people were killed the other day in that Waffle House in Nashville, Tenn. These, too, are facts. President Donald Trump did not give the guns back to Reinking, the NRA didn’t, and the Republicans did not meet in a quiet cloakroom so innocents would be slaughtered. Law-abiding gun owners of America didn’t demand the guns be returned to a man with obvious mental illness. The killer’s father, Jeffrey Reinking, did that on his own, according to police. He took possession of the guns from law enforcement. He knew that his son was sick, that he may well have been dangerous. And yet he gave them back to his son.

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