Thursday, January 25, 2018


Fauxcohantas causing headache for liberals.
Excerpt: Conservatives have been making this an issue for years. We point out the hypocrisy of a clearly white woman claiming minority status and liberals who berate college students for dressing as Mulan or Pocohantas for Halloween letting her slide. It clearly hasn't hurt her in the liberal community until now. But that may change. The Boston Globe has a front page story today outlining the actual Native American tribes that take issue with Senator Warren. Apparently, you can't just claim Cherokee status. There's a process involved and a registry kept. "She’s not part of the Cherokee community,” said Chad Smith, who was the principal chief of the Oklahoma-based Cherokee Nation from 1999 to 2011. “She hasn’t reached out. She hasn’t come here and participated much.” "Her false claims back up some of the worst stereotypes of Indians, which is that we no longer exist and we’re not seen as a contemporary or vibrant community,” said Rebecca Nagle, a Cherokee advocate who, on Nov. 30, penned the scathing rebuke of Warren on ThinkProgress. Nagle’s op-ed was entitled: “I am a Cherokee woman. Elizabeth Warren is not.’’

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