Monday, January 22, 2018

PC gone mad

What are some great examples of political correctness gone mad?
Excerpt: The silliest stuff for me was in the military. Basic Combat Training—there was one dude in our platoon who was an open white supremicist. He freely admitted he didn’t like non-white people. The Drill Sergeants called him out openly on it and smoked him more. Cool. However (and this was during the time everyone had to have a “Battle Buddy”) my BB was a black woman who openly hated white people. Unfortunate for me, because I’m white. So, any task that we had to do together…she was hostile, uncooperative, and violent. Literally, as I was bending down to put stakes in the ground for our tent. She slammed the shovel deliberately close to my face. Once, we were all lined up to use the indoor latrines. She ran out and yelled, Damn that place smells like white people. A dozen incidents like this…When I mentioned all the incidents to the Drills, they did nothing. To me, if this trainee wouldn’t work well with “others” at Basic, how could she be trusted to do so in the real Army? Why the double standard?

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