Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Can Anything Good Come from CO2? by Neil L. Frank
Excerpt: We have known for years that CO2 enhances plant growth. Over 1,000 scientific studies on a variety of plants have documented this growth, but only recently has there been an attempt to put a monetary value on the increases. Dr. Craig Idso, in a fascinating investigation, used the results of these studies to determine the growth rate of 45 plants for the period 1961–2011. These plants produce 95% of the food for the world's population. He then converted this growth into a dollar value. For the fifty-year period ending in 2011, growth of plants by CO2 resulted in an increase of $3.2 trillion for the world's agricultural community. Dr. Idso then projected these results forward to 2050, assuming that CO2 would continue to increase at the current rate. The world could realize an astounding $9.8-trillion additional bonus! The great news is that it costs nothing to achieve this goal. All we have to do is continue using fossil fuels at today's rate. (OK, here's another excellent article on the situation, of which there have been plenty. (I have a file with over 200 of these, dating back a decade or more,) I am a tech guy, degrees in Chemistry, not a climatologist but any real scientist can read the articles, examine the data, analyze them, and come to a conclusion. The points simplified below are quite correct, the data do not support the idea that manmade CO2 is a primary cause of the slow warming we are seeing. And since all of the numerous computer models that were developed 20 years ago have failed very badly in predicting how things would change, the underlying rationale for those models, which is that CO2 IS the primary cause of warming, has to be incorrect. Planetary weather is a complex process that no one understands in any detail, but the simplest observable thing is that it's the sun that has the real controlling role, and sunspots and cycles correlate better with changes than anything else. And here's the real laugh... IF the theory about CO2 were correct, then it's all over already, since we have no way whatsoever to suck gigatons of CO2 out of the atmosphere to get back to the "good old days", and warming will continue no matter what we do. Should we generate and use energy more efficiently? Absolutely. And going to modern nuclear plants is the truly smart and obvious thing to do, but the same mindset that believes in AGW also opposes nuclear power with passion. We'll have to see how things work out in the coming years, but paying many billions to others that will not really make any difference in anything just doesn't sound like a smart thing to me. --Del)

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