Saturday, March 11, 2017


Don't Sweat the Big Stuff
Excerpt: The recent Academy Awards ceremony turned into a monotony of hate. Many of the stars who mounted the stage ranted on cue about the evils of President Donald Trump. Such cheap rhetoric is easy. But first, accusers should guarantee that their own ceremony is well run. Instead, utter bedlam ruined the event, as no one on the Oscar stage even knew who had won the Best Picture award. Stars issued lots of rants about Trump, but were apparently unaware that one of the ceremony's impromptu invited guests was a recent parolee and registered sex offender. Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg used to offer all sorts of cosmic advice on the evils of smoking and the dangers of fatty foods and sugary soft drinks. Bloomberg also frequently pontificated on abortion and global warming, earning him a progressive audience that transcended the boroughs of New York. (Hanson makes a great point here. So many really important things just get neglected, delayed, ignored by those who really have the responsiblities for them, while those people lecture everyone else on "higher" goals. It'd be like a cardiologist who lectures you on the need for natural foods in your diet, but won't schedule the surgery to unplug the congested arteries in your heart. Yet it goes on and on and somehow such incompetents keep getting elected, keep getting tremendous coverage from the media. How can we revolt and demand actual competence? --Del)

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