Wednesday, March 29, 2017


'Large Burly Man' Lurking in Disney Ladies' Room Should Make Everyone Stop and Think
OK, I know personally a transgender, now male, who looks, sounds, and acts like a male, even though he doesn't have full male genitalia. Having him in a bathroom with me or my kids or grandkids is fine. I sure don't fully understand transgenderism, and suspect it doesn't always work out well for people, but believing in freedom means you let people do their thing, and make their own mistakes if that's what some things turn out to be. If a visually obvious woman waltzed into the mens room while I was there, I would not feel threatened, but I would not like it and would ask that person to leave and go find a gender neutral facility. But for women having a visually obvious male in their bathroom is somewhat different, and I agree with the idea that they should act clearly to express their opposition to this. Every time some new situation opens up, there will be those who instantly think of how to take advantage of it in some way that is not at all what was intended. Open a door and things may come through it that are not remotely what you had in mind, and which in fact are really objectionable. Some level of privacy in bathrooms needs to be preserved. PC extremism has to be dialed back. --Del

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