Sunday, March 12, 2017


From a liberal friend: How can anyone expect people to assimilate into a society where they believe the women are whores who deserve rape or death for appearing in public with no head scarves (much less the bikinis I am seeing along the beach here in San Diego where we are staying this week to commemorate my birthday? A society where they believe that we men (fathers, brothers, husbands) are scum beneath contempt for allowing our women to dress and behave this way without punishing them. A society whose laws protect women's freedom and equality rather than their modesty, subservience and virginity. Either the Muslims in our midst must stay very small in numbers (not likely, despite Trump) or they must become more modern and Western and tolerant (even less likely) or we must accept Sharia Law (that'll be the day) or there will eventually be blood in our streets. (I'm betting, alas, on blood. ~Bob)

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