Monday, January 30, 2017


Smoking Out Islamists via Extreme Vetting
Well done article on how to try to vet incoming immigrants. Would it stop everyone who is really a dedicated jihadist? No, the super dedicated ones will prepare and lie like the most beautiful rug you have ever seen. But it will detect most of the people who are really fundamentalist Islamists, whose mindsets are such that they are not about to assimilate into a westernized, liberal culture. Simply put, anyone who believes that Sharia Law should be ascendant in this country really doesn't belong here. It is quite possible to be a religious Muslim and accept the idea of living peacefully among others and respecting the laws of this land, and such people are not our enemy. But those for whom fundamentalist Islam is their highest value need to live in countries where that is the system already, not try to bring it here. Doing things this way will take more trained people, more resources, more money, more time. But it's the right answer. --Del

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