Monday, January 23, 2017

Double Standard

I'm Old Enough To Remember When Making Fun of Our President's Innocent Kid Would Ruin Your Life. By Benny Johnson
I have to say this is truly sad and disgusting. Throw all the mud at Trump and his staff you want to, feel free, that's OK even if overdone in spots. That's legitimate freedom of speech stuff and he deserves a chunk of it anyhow. But a 10 year old son? Scurrilous accusations about his grown daughter and her kids? This is so far over the line that it's out past Pluto someplace. And nobody in the major media has said diddly about it. Shame on those who have done this, shame on all that think it's OK, shame on all that stay silent about it. If a woman lost her job because of mildly criticizing how Obama's daughters dressed for an official occasion, where on that scale do the attacks on his young son fall? Very, very far out, enough that every responsible journalist should have instantly rejected with scorn and disgust such inputs. And the names of the people who said such things should be known to everyone, and their careers blighted. But that hasn't happened, because..... why? Because Obama's kids were his and special and above the least comment on anything, and Trump's family are there for open season by anyone and everyone? This is a double standard too sickening to contemplate. --Del

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