Sunday, January 29, 2017

Illegal Voters

Illegal Aliens Really Do Vote – a Lot. By William Campenni
Excerpt: While wandering around the festivities, I noticed a table with three nice ladies in front of a "Register To Vote" sign. Curious about its presence at a festival where the bulk of the crowd was either illegal alien day laborers or legal non-citizens, I went over to inquire. Before I spoke, one of those nice ladies asked me if I was registered to vote. Wanting to see where this would go, I said no, and asked how to sign up. A voter registration form was thrust in my hands. The very first item on these forms, in Virginia and the rest of America, was "I am a citizen of the United States of America," with YES and NO blocks to check. "Don't I need to show you some proof of citizenship?" I asked. She replied "no." I asked her how she could verify that I wasn’t lying. Sensing she might be on a slippery slope, she called over a supervisor from the Registrar's Office and told the woman of my concern. The official told me they never checked citizenship status because I would be penalized if I lied. Really? So I asked her how she would verify my truthfulness, or those of the dozens of new voters being registered that day. Defensively, she replied that they checked all registrations for accuracy at the Registrar's Office when they were turned in. I called the Registrar Monday, and asked if they do indeed verify citizenship status. I was told that they didn't unless someone made a specific complaint against an individual applicant. (The data indicate that voter fraud is a real thing. How much it changes elections is still hard to determine, although we know in some close elections it can make a critical difference. But the bottom line is that the right to vote is sacred to citizens and forbidden to others, and that is how it should and must be treated. Verification of citizenship needs to be done rigorously, and that certainly is not the case now. And gee, is one Party more likely to benefit from illegal voters than the other? Maybe that explains the fierce defensiveness of open registration and no verification. --Del)

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