Thursday, December 5, 2013

Update: Two Marines waiting for a lung

Update: John received a new lung on 2/18. I received one on 12/23. Both out of hospital and doing well, now hitting rehab PT together. ~bob

Update: My friend and brother Marine John Payne got the call for a new lung at about 8:30 am this morning (Tuesday, December 17, 2013). He is now scheduled for surgery tonight about 11:00 pm. We are both O blood type, but I'm not surprised. I told the transplant coordinator that I thought John was weaker than me, and should go first. Personally, I think John arranged this to skate out on PT this morning. If you are the praying type, say one for that good man. ~Bob

Update: The operation for John Payne's lung transplant started at 2:30 am on Wednesday, December 18, and at 7:30 we heard from Donna that he came through fine. ~Bob

Click on pictures to enlarge. This is me (left) with my friend and brother Marine Vietnam vet, John Payne. We are both on the O blood type list for lungs for PF at the Madison, VA. Hard to tell which will go first--too many factors. Here we are waiting to start rehab today.

With Jim, our DI (physical therapist).

Here we are starting 30 minutes on the Treadmill. Being Marines, we are a tad competitive. John is a year younger, but saw more action in Vietnam, being infantry, and has the scars to show for it.

And we continue to march. I tend to chant boot camp cadence in my head to keep going. I could go longer, but the coughing lowers my O2 levels.


  1. Your DI looks like one tough dude, but the two of you can take him...I'm betting on you. Merry Christmas and
    Semper Fi

  2. Bob,

    You amaze me and make me proud for a Brother Marine. Many would have quit long ago and yet you not only continue the fight but you continue to contribute for the betterment of us all.

    Semper Fidelis,

    Mac - USMC 66-70

  3. I tried posting yesterday but the Google Gods zapped my comment. Both of you are warriors fighting the good fight. Your both an inspiration to all, especially other Marines as you remind us of our commitment to honor, discipline and courage. You both exemplify the best of the Corps and my prayers that you both find your lungs and breathe easy. I too am an IPF patient as well as a Marine and am in awe of the courage and tenacity you both are showing. Semper Fi and my God grant you the breath of continued life.

  4. Hey guys. I went through what you're going through up there at Middleton, Wi. Jim was one of my PT guys as was a few others. Keep up the good work and I hope you get your tx soon. I had my tx in June 2009 and just celebrated 4 1/2 yrs post. I know you can do it. Semper Fi.........

    1. My good book group friend, Bob Hall, keeps me going byu how he continues this health fight, and his dedication to keeping our country going. And I was never even a Marine!
      Margaret Eva

      Good luck to both of these fine gentlemen.
      Margaret Eva

    2. My "Reply as" was the only way I could get my comment into this system. I am not anonymous yet, but Margaret Eva, frustrated by too many technological changes. Needless to say they are a drop in the bucket compared to how my friend Bob Hall is fighting this good fight. He motivates me thru his health challenges, and how he continues the fight to help our country. Best of luck to these two fine Marine Gentlemen.

  5. Keep up the good work gentlemen! You can do this. Hugs!