Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hey, What day is it? Anyone? It's more news day

Wind Chills tonight in Madison, WI expected to be between -18 and -26 degrees. I should do something to honor the vets of the Chosin Reservoir fight. I don't know how they could do it--better men than me, I think. Meanwhile, where's that Global Warming the liberals promised me? ~Bob

The Obamacare Train Wreck

Excerpt: “No, there won’t be a doctor shortage,” wrote Zeke Emanuel and Scott Gottlieb in The New York Times the other day. ObamaCare will weather that challenge just fine. How? Nurses and other paramedic personnel can substitute for physicians and new technology is making remote monitoring of patients easier than ever before. All that is true. But those changes are likely to happen slowly; and even if they happened quickly, I’m afraid that it won’t be enough. Here’s why. Two features of ObamaCare will substantially increase the demand, while (surprisingly) nothing in the law increases supply.

ObamaCare: A Word of Warning from Britain. By Enza Ferreri 
Excerpt: In light of the ongoing ObamaCare debacle, it can be interesting to see how a state-run national health system free for all, like Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) – Obama’s favourite model – has failed to deliver. The UK is one of the few countries in the world – mostly concentrated in Europe – to have completely free universal health. It sounds cuddly and comfy, but, like in all utopias and fairy tales, reality is a different matter. ... By cancer survival rate comparisons, the NHS is one of the worst health systems in the Western world, even overtaken by former European communist countries.

Amazing: Landrieu Completely Throws Obama Under the Bus in First TV Ad. By Daniel Doherty
Excerpt: I’m confused. Last week Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) said if she could vote for Obamacare again, she would. Now for some reason she’s completely distancing herself from it?
If you are to believe this ad, President Obama lied to her constituents. Not her.

7 million Obamacare customers?
Excerpt: Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius once described 7 million new Obamacare customers in the first year as what “success looks like.” The White House is now trying to affix another label to the estimate: meaningless. It might be too late

WaPo Fact Checker: Harry Reid’s explanation for why not all of his staff is going on ‘Obamacare’
Excerpt: As for Pinocchios, we find ourselves wavering between two and three, though we do not give 1/2 Pinocchios. This was a difficult judgment to make. But it tips ever so slightly toward Three.

Uh oh: Only 5-15% of enrollees have paid their first month of premiums in some ObamaCare plans
Excerpt: A good way to tell whether a media outlet is serious about ObamaCare reporting is to see if they cover this bombshell as a corollary to the new enrollment data. If 365,000 have “signed up” but only one-tenth of them, say, have paid their first month of premiums to activate their new coverage, how many people are really “enrolled” in ObamaCare plans right now? Last week an insurer in Indiana told CNN that one of their plans had received payment from only 20 percent of people who signed up so far. According to Charles Ornstein’s sources, that insurer was doing relatively well.

Video Report: CBS News’ Norah O’Donnell Drops Obamacare Bombshell – Customers Have to Spend More of Their Own Money Before Insurance Kicks in Under Obamacare: Lowest Deductible on Exceeds $5,000

Hill staffers warned not to rely on info from ObamaCare exchange
Excerpt: Capitol Hill staffers who signed up for ObamaCare through the Washington, D.C., healthcare exchange, called DC Health Link (DCHL), are being told to confirm their enrollments in person, and not to rely on data provided by the website.

Each Obamacare Enrollee Costs Taxpayers $14,000
Excerpt: ATR calculated that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services spent $4.5 billion to promote Obamacare and $677 million to build Health and Human Services says 364,682 people have selected plans under Obamacare.

The Rest of the News

House, Senate negotiators reach budget deal
The one good thing about the Ryan-Murray budget deal is that it may deny Obama the thing he needs most right now, another government shutdown the media will blame on Republicans. -Bob

Marine Corps ranked worst service branch to join

Obama’s Cash for Universal Preschool Clunker Plan. By Michelle Malkin
Excerpt: It’s elementary: When Democrats find themselves in political trouble, they reach for your wallets. After squandering billions on an ineffectual stimulus, failed green energy boondoggles and the disastrous Unaffordable Care Act, the Obama White House wants to dump $75 billion more into “free” preschool for all. That’ll solve everything.

Worth Reading: New Evidence Raises Doubts on Obama’s Preschool for All. By Grover J. "Russ" Whitehurst 
Excerpt: My career since 2001 has largely been about advancing evidence-based education, which is the endeavor of collecting and using the best possible evidence to support policy and practice in education. Since the president’s state of the union address, I’ve been writing that the evidence is decidedly mixed on the impact of the type of preschool investments the president has called for and that we now see in the legislation introduced in Congress. It may seem in the pieces I’ve written that I’m wearing only my evidence-based education hat. But in fact if you’re an advocate of strengthening early childhood programs, as I am, you also need to pay careful attention to the evidence – all of it. Poor children deserve effective programs, not just programs that are well-intentioned.

A closer look at the Benghazi lie: New photos confirm the attack’s coordination and its cover-up. By Tom Fitton
Excerpt: The Obama State Department has finally released a second round of photos revealing the harrowing devastation wrought by a terrorist attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012. The new photographs depict rampant damage to the consulate. They show charred walls, smoldering fires, Arabic graffiti defacing exterior walls, and scattered debris throughout. The extent of the damage would lead any reasonably serious person to conclude that this was a cold, calculated attack, carefully coordinated to mark the 11th anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001. Unfortunately for the American people, the Obama-Clinton-Rice cabal that led to the Benghazi cover-up was far more interested in political-damage control than serious damage assessment. (The Administration wants the sands of time to cover up the Benghazi mess, but fortunately there are people who will not let this go. As they keep digging with determination, bit by bit evidence is revealed of what really happened. Which was all known to those in charge when they were spouting lies by the minute. Will they someday have to face up to what they did? Let's hope so. --Del)

Triumph of the Vulgarians: The common culture no longer has standards of decency. By Jonah Goldberg
Excerpt: No, my real complaint is with how vulgarity has gone viral. We constantly hear that there is no common culture anymore. But that’s not really true. Rather, newspapers notwithstanding, almost everyone thinks the common culture is someone else’s problem.

Obama Approval Plunge Pulls Down Democrats, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds
Excerpt: President Barack Obama's job approval among American voters drops to a new low, a negative 38 - 57 percent, as the outlook for Democrats running for Congress and the U.S. Senate fades also, according to a national poll released today. He even gets a negative 41 - 49 percent among voters 18 to 29 years old and a lackluster 50 - 43 percent approval among Hispanic voters. 

U.S., Britain suspend aid to north Syria after Islamists seize weapons store
Excerpt: The United States and Britain suspended non-lethal aid to northern Syria after Islamist fighters seized Western-backed rebel weapons warehouses, highlighting fears that supplies could end up in the wrong hands. (This administration has been o bad, there's no longer joy even in saying "I told you so." ~Bob)

Active Volcanoes, Not CO2, Are Melting West Antarctic Ice Sheet
Excerpt: Researchers have discovered a chain of smoldering active volcanoes under the West Antarctic ice sheet — which happens to be the ice sheet that climate hysterics say is proof of man-caused global warming. (Oops, another bit of actual science that doesn't really support the AGW theory. Sorry about that. --Del)

Do Bans on Plastic Grocery Bags Save Cities Money?
Excerpt: A November 2010 Los Angeles County, Calif., ordinance outlawed retail use of thin-film polyethylene bags. Los Angeles County faced significant spending cuts during the 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 budget years of more than $175 million and $35 million, respectively. Budget cuts did not extend to solid waste collection or disposal. Spending for solid waste rose 30.17 percent from the budget year 2006-2007 to 2011-2012, and projected spending rose 5.9 percent from 2011-2012 to the adopted budget for 2012-2013.

How Solid Is The Case For Raising The Minimum Wage? By Scott Winship
Excerpt: My point is not that a minimum-wage hike would have no impact on inequality—it’s that we have little basis for saying what that impact would be. Dube notes that earlier this year just one-third of economists in an expert panel agreed that raising the federal minimum wage to $9 would make it tougher for less-skilled workers to find jobs. He neglects to share that one-third disagreed with that claim and the remaining third were unsure, had no opinion, or chose not to respond. This is what research ambiguity looks like.

Reid says Senate will not extend farm law
Excerpt: Majority Leader Harry Reid says the Senate will not extend current farm law if Congress can't agree on a new farm bill before adjourning next week. House leaders have reserved space on their agenda this week for extending the current law until the end of January. Lawmakers fear that milk prices might rise sharply if dairy subsidies expire Jan. 1.

Attorney General Kamala D. Harris Announces Arrest of Revenge Porn Website Operator
Excerpt: Attorney General Kamala D. Harris today announced the arrest of the alleged owner and operator of a revenge porn website who facilitated the posting of more than 10,000 sexually explicit photos and extorted victims for as much as $350 each to remove the illicit content.

Obama hires revolving-door lobbyist and Clinton fixer John Podesta. By Timothy P. Carney 
Excerpt: John Podesta is a revolving-door corporate lobbyist. He's also a former Bill Clinton fixer and opposition research consultant for the Democrats. So it’s fitting President Obama has officially brought Podesta onto the White House staff.

Excerpt: If the gotterdammerung Obamacare program ultimately dies on the vine I don't believe it will be because their enrollment software was faulty; I believe the American people are revolting because, for the first time, they can see the "down and dirty" true costs of paying your medical well as the premium of one of Obama's "free riders". The tripling and quadrupling of your medical premiums is direct payment for Obama's bribery of 30 million tit-suckers last November, a bill run up to buy Barack Obama an election.

Hillary Clinton shields Obama from Benghazi scandal. By Neil Munro
Excerpt: “What I want to avoid is some kind of political gotcha or blame game,” Clinton told CNN. “I know that we’re very close to an election … [and] we are at our best as Americans when we pull together,” she claimed in Peru, where she was attending conference on women’s issues. “Clinton appeared to be trying to inoculate President Obama from criticism as he prepared for Tuesday’s [campaign] debate,” The New York Times wrote after the comments.

Excerpt: If President Barack Obama has been looking at your taxes, the D.C.-based watchdog group Cause of Action wants to know about it. The group filed a suit Tuesday morning against the Internal Revenue Service over refusing to release the names of businesses and individuals whose returns interest the president. “We’re concerned with the transparency of the president’s administration.

Again: Turkish Students Arrested for Nazi Salutes at Auschwitz
Excerpt: Two Turkish tourists could face up to two years in prison for giving Nazi salutes outside the site of the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp in Poland.

Group buries America's unclaimed veterans, one soldier at a time

How gun control is losing, badly (in charts)

Afghanistan: Police rescue woman convicted to public stoning by Taliban
Excerpt: The advocates of stoning in Afghanistan can and do claim that they are simply implementing Islamic law. The caliph Umar, one of Muhammad's closest companions, maintained that the punishment of stoning for adultery (this story doesn't specify the method of punishment, but the outcome of the punishment is the same in any case) was originally in the Qur'an:

Illegal Alien Using Fake Social Security Number Sues Over Job Rejections
Excerpt: The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is being sued by a Stockton man for its multiple rejections of his employment application. The CDCR rejected the applications on the grounds that the applicant, Victor Guerrero 34, admitted that he used a fake social security number. Mr Guerrero believes that his former illegal status and the use of a fake social security number is not grounds for the CDCR to deny his employment.

Excerpt: The Ahrar al Sham Islamic Movement, one of six units of the newly formed Islamic Front, conducted a joint raid with al Qaeda's two official branches in Syria against Hezbollah and pro-Assad militias. Ahrar al Sham also was involved in the recent takeover of a large cache of weapons and munitions owned by the Free Syrian Army.

I'm just saying we are in trouble folks. Everything is topsy turvy and the old rules and norms no longer apply. Welcome to Obama's America. (Black prof. ~Bob)

Excerpt: Marc Morano, a global warming skeptic and the editor of, fought the climate sob stories peddled by Sierra Club Director Michael Brune with cold, hard facts on CNN Tuesday night. “‘Global weirding’ is nothing more than a pseudoscience expression,” he said on Don Lemon’s “11th Hour,” pushing back against Lemon’s contention that the “extreme” cold weather wracking much of the country is a symptom of climate change.

Interview: David Horowitz on the Glasnov Gang: The Black Book of the American Left: First volume of ten volumes
Excerpt: "Stalin killed more communists than all the capitalists put together."

AP photo director pens scathing op-ed on 'Obama's Orwellian image control'. By Hadas Gold
Excerpt: The crusade against the White House's practice of barring press photographers from certain events continues: On Wednesday, The New York Times published a scathing op-ed by Santiago Lyon, the Associated Press's Vice President and Director of Photography, titled "Obama's Orwellian Image Control."

Was the sign-language interpreter at the Mandela memorial faking it?
Excerpt: A
s world leaders paid tribute to Mandela at the memorial service on Tuesday, the international deaf community expressed outrage that the sign-language interpreter to the side of the podium was signing nonsense. The male interpreter appeared to be provided by the ANC party. A female interpreter, provided by the broadcast station, could be seen in a box in the corner of the screen. Her interpreting was fine. You can see the difference between them in this clip:


  1. before unions there was no middle class. The unions have been broken, middle class is disappearing, and so is the health insurance unions had negotiated with companies. Thus the reason per your doctor saying 60% of middle class has no health insurance. Once again how much money does that doctor make inspite of govt. intervention?????

  2. The above displays an ignorance of history. There was a thriving middle class in America, shop keepers, traders, sea captains, murchents, lawyers, printers like Franklin, and so on from the founding.

    Yes, doctors do well, and earn it. I just retired from managing a surgeons' association. The surgeons made lots more money than me, but they had 14 years of education before they started their careers: 4 years of college, 4 years of med school, 5 years of residency and a year's fellowship, plus huge educational debts.

    Currently fellowships in the specialty are going unfilled because of declining pay and increased government pressure and law suits, though demand for it is expected to double in ten years. So we will have waiting times like the UK, Canada and other single payer systems. ~Bob Hall