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Old Jarhead's Political SitRep for January 14, 2013
Robert A. Hall

Guest Post Worth Reading: The Value of a thing

Reminder: Raising the Debt Limit is Unpatriotic and Irresponsible
Obama on raising the Debt Ceiling during his 2008 Campaign: In 2008 then-senator Obama said that "whipping out the credit card from China, and payable by our children” was irresponsible, and UNPATRIOTIC! He voted against raising the debt ceiling. Republican Senators today would do well to follow his principled leadership on this issue. ~Bob.

Excerpt: Suspected Islamist militants attacked an Egyptian police patrol near the Israeli border today. Egyptian security officials told the Associated Press that four police vehicles came under fire near a pipeline that has been attacked numerous times since the fall of Hosni Mubarak. Seven policemen were reportedly wounded during the attack, "including a high ranking officer."

Excerpt: Senate Democratic leaders have sent a letter to President Obama pledging their support if he raises the debt ceiling unilaterally in the face of Republican resistance. (Someone should tell them that what goes around, comes around. ~Bob.)

ZIMBABWE $100 $50 $20 $10 trillion DOLLARS CURRENCY SET UNC.
Why mint a $1 Trillion Coin, when you can buy a $100 trillion Zimbabwe note so cheap? This is what happens when a government can’t pay it’s debts and begins printing fiat money. ~Bob.

Worth Reading: Obamacare’s Other Shoe: The Pentagon and Chuck Hagel. By Mark Steyn
Excerpt: Senator Kerry having been reliably wrong on every foreign-policy issue of the last 40 years, it would seem likely that at this stage in his life he will be content merely to be in office, jetting hither and yon boring the pants off whichever presidents and prime ministers are foolish enough to grant him an audience. Beyond the photo-ops, the world will drift on toward the post-American era: Beijing will carry on gobbling up resources around the planet, Czar Putin will flex his moobs across Eastern Europe and Central Asia, the Arab Spring “democracies” will see impressive growth in the critical clitoridectomy sector of the economy, Iran will go nuclear, and John Kerry will go to black-tie banquets in Europe. 

South Carolina teacher on leave for stomping on American flag in front of class
Excerpt: A high school teacher in South Carolina is under investigation and has been placed on long-term administrative leave after he allegedly threw an American flag on the floor and stomped on it in front of his students. Scott Compton, an English teacher at Chapin High School in Chapin, S.C., reprised the unpatriotic deed in three classes over the course of one day, reports local NBC affiliate WIS. ((Another "you can't make this stuff up". Hard to believe anyone with an IQ higher than room temperature would think that acting out total contempt for the nation's flag in front of a high school class is a valuable part of education. But that the man did so says a lot about his mindset, plus his arrogance and maybe blind stupidity. I would have challenged him to demonstrate how little he cares for just cloth with marks on it and just paper with letters on it by doing the same act with a Koran. --Del)

Conn. Lawmaker Pushes Barney Fife Law: Limits Guns To One Round. By Awr Hawkins
Excerpt: Connecticut Democrat state senator Edward Meyer has put forward a bill which limits civilian firearms to one round. Like Barney Fife in the old Andy Griffith series, you'll have one bullet with which to defend all that's valuable to you (including you).

The Battle of Athens
Been around, but worth watching. ~Bob. The Battle of Athens, actually happened in McMinn County Tennessee, August 1-2, 1946, and speaks to the very core of the issues that are at hand in this country right now, and it is why we need the second amendment to our constitution. It is not so you can hunt deer with your .270 Winchester rifle, or ducks with your Ithaca 12 gauge shotgun. Or so I can shoot paper targets and tin cans with my old Remington .22 rifle, although those are legitimate enough reasons. It is so we can protect ourselves, our families and our homes against criminals, and against a tyrannical government that would take away our constitutional rights. What the federal government is doing right now is not about gun control. It is about control. - LLW

Reported WH Gun-Control Plan ‘Way in the Extreme’
Excerpts: Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D., N.D.) called the reported White House plans for a massive gun control push to be “way in the extreme” in a Sunday interview with “This Week.” “I think you need to put everything on the table, but what I hear from the administration — and if the Washington Post is to be believed — that’s way — way in extreme of what I think is necessary or even should be talked about,” she said. “And it’s not gonna pass.” (Yep, the plans are being laid for another ambush on gun owners. Surprise! Never let a crisis or a tragedy go to waste, the eternal motto of this Administration. --Del)

Excerpt: Pratt maintained that the official police homicide numbers are cooked. “The data that you are using for the murder rate in England is a sham,” Pratt countered. “There’s a monumental miss-reporting of what constitutes murder. If three people are murdered, it’s likely to be counted as one event.” In fact, an article on crime statistics in England makes the same point: “there are the official police figures (which historically under-record the true level of crime).”

Executive gun ‘order’ easier said than done: Congress carefully guards its authority. By Seth McLaughlin
Excerpt: “The problem with gun control is that Congress has been extraordinarily explicit,” said John Hudak, a scholar on executive power at the Brookings Institution. “When gun-control legislation is passed, it is usually very detailed in what Congress intended and it is usually very detailed in the barriers it sets up for the executive branch. That limits presidential authority to use executive power because there is little discretion.” (Let's hope the control does stay with Congress, and no extreme highhanded order ever gets promulgated. --Del)

Ed Schultz Makes Bold Claim That U.S. Has ‘Never Had A Civilian Stop A Shooting’ — So We Prove Him Wrong
MSNBC personality and radio host Ed Schultz on Thursday made the bold claim that the U.S. has “never had a civilian stop a shooting” when arguing against having armed personnel in schools. (Amazing that he would be so stupid as to make a flat statement about historical facts that is easily proven to be false. Another case of just saying what you want to say to back up your attitude about something, utterly disregarding the truth. The extreme Leftists do this incessantly, and unfortunately the media let them get away with it. --Del. MSNBC can be fact free because their viewers are not looking for truth, but affirmation of their religious-like leftist creeds. ~Bob.)

Marine Denied the Medal of Honor by Obama Administration. By David L. Goetsch
Excerpt: In a final but fatal heroic act, an already wounded Sergeant Peralta used his body to cover a live grenade that would have killed or injured several members of his squad. As a result of this selfless act, Peralta was recommended for the Medal of Honor, a recommendation that has been turned down twice by the Obama administration in spite of support from a Congressman and the Secretary of the Navy.

Journalists reject personal 'gun-free zone' signs
Excerpt: O’Keefe’s crew asked journalists working for CNN, MSNBC and others whether they would put a sign in their lawn that says “Citizens Against Senseless Violence. THIS HOME IS PROUDLY GUN FREE!” “No journalist wanted the sign,” he says. “Many journalists had armed guards.” (Would Piers Morgan proudly put up one of these signs? Who will ask him? Don Hank)

Malian army beats back Islamist rebels with French help
Excerpt: Malian government troops drove back Islamist rebels from a strategic central town after France intervened on Friday with air strikes to halt advances by the militants controlling the country's desert north.

Excerpt: Shabaab, al Qaeda's affiliate in Somalia, killed one French commando and captured another during a failed French attempt to rescue Denis Allex, an intelligence operative who has been in the terror group's custody since 2009.

How Muslims Created Islamophobia. By Tahir Gora, journalist, poet, translator
Excerpt: Is it all about challenging the self-created fear of Islamophobia? Perhaps.
What do I mean by "self-created fear of Islamophobia"? Do I dare to say that Islamophobia actually doesn't exist at all? Yep, it didn't exist but some of our Islamic centres created the term and spread it around through their actions.

Authorities Discover More Christians Killed Over Christmas Holiday in Nigeria
Excerpt: Thirty people were killed in two separate attacks carried out by armed men ahead of the New Year, in North-eastern Nigeria. 15 people were killed in a single attack which occurred on Sunday 30th, when armed men stormed a church service in Kyachi village, outside Chibok, near Maiduguri. According to Mohammed Kanar, the regional coordinator for the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), the victims were shot by the attackers. (30 dead Christians are not a big deal, as long as it doesn't make anyone Islamophobic. That would be a tragedy. ~Bob.)

15 kids and somebody needs to pay for all my children, somebody needs to be held accountable
Been around before. I'd chip in to have her tubes tied. ~Bob.

12 Incredible Examples of Government Waste

Freedom Lost. By Bill O'Reilly 
Excerpt: If you see Kris Kristofferson around, please tell him thanks for writing the line "freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose" in his song "Me and Bobby McGee." That thought is sage and very appropriate for America in the year 2013. In California, Gov. Jerry Brown has signed into law an astounding 876 new mandates.

Now even Pravda admits the 'global warming' jig is up. James Delingpole
Excerpt: It's
Death of Little Nell time again in the field of climate "science." The New York Times – aka Pravda – has announced the closure of its Environment Desk. Rumours that the entire environment team, headed by Andy Revkin, have volunteered to be recycled into compost and spread on the lawn of the new billion dollar home Al Gore bought with the proceeds of his sale of Current TV to Middle Eastern oil interests are as yet unconfirmed.

Ron Arnold: Meet your new regulator: A Big Green law school
Excerpt: Big Green activists and former federal bureaucrats who just can't stop trying to regulate your life have become advisers at an ultraliberal law school that sues the government for not doing what its professors want. They are creating not the rule of law, but the rule of lawyers.

Homeland Security urges computer users to disable Java: Browsers using Java on all operating systems vulnerable to hackers, U.S. government says. By Jim Finkle, Reuters
Excerpt: The U.S. Department of Homeland Security urged computer users to disable Oracle Corp's Java software, amplifying security experts' prior warnings to hundreds of millions of consumers and businesses that use it to surf the Web. Hackers have figured out how to exploit Java to install malicious software enabling them to commit crimes ranging from identity theft to making an infected computer part of an ad-hoc network of computers that can be used to attack websites.

Obama: We Fell Short In Afghanistan
Excerpt: President Obama today in a joint presser with Afghan President Karzai: "Have we achieved everything that some might have imagined us achieving in the best of scenarios? Probably not. You know, there's a human enterprise, and you know, you fall short of the ideal.

Civil War's A-Brewin'. By Matt Barber 
Excerpt: Inside the car a man, asleep in the reclining passenger seat, was startled awake by the commotion. He rose and darted his head about, calmly assessing the situation. This only spurred the evil-bent goons. As they ramped-up efforts to run the car off the road, the man reached in the glove box, withdrew a military-grade, semi-automatic handgun – an “assault weapon,” if you will – and, with intentionality and great theatre, leaned across his young bride, pointing the gun out the open bay and directly between dirt bag’s booze-flushed eyes. (Maybe it's because my dad told stories of his own father's bravery and also showed bravery of his own. And maybe it's also because I love guns and grew up with them. I dunno, but I just love this story. Folks, this is what real men talk and think like. It was normal before we were brainwashed by slick metrosexual psychologists who assured us it is best to be a live sissy than a real man who may get himself hurt or killed doing the right thing to protect his family. America, man up, for gosh sake! This is no time for sissies. Or as Matt puts it, "candy-keistered liberal cream-puffs." Stop handing over your rights to the zombies in government and start standing up for yourself, your family and your country. --Don Hank)

Al Jazeera Celebrates Hagel Nomination
Excerpt: Why would Al-Jazeera be so delighted with Hagel’s nomination? See here, where Hagel agrees the U.S. is the world’s bully, here for a list of his anti-Israel positions, here, to see how he will not express open support for the Jewish state, and here, where he whitewashes Palestinian terror. Al-Jazeera loves Hagel. And well they should; he is one more knife in Israel’s back, brought to you by that lover of the Jewish state, Barack Obama.

Senate Must Ask Brennan About Bin Laden Film Leaks
Excerpt: Yet there is another reason that Brennan’s confirmation must not be rubber-stamped. According to documents uncovered by Judicial Watch, Brennan met with the filmmakers behind Zero Dark Thirty to discuss the Osama bin Laden raid. The interaction of senior administration officials, including intelligence and counter-terror officials, with director Kathryn Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal is now the target of a pending bipartisan investigation in the U.S. Senate. 

Lawrence O’Donnell: Get rid of the Bible on Inauguration Day [VIDEO]
Excerpt: On his Thursday program, MSNBC’s “The Last Word” host Lawrence O’Donnell said the Bible shouldn’t have any role in the upcoming Inauguration Day ceremonies….O’Donnell offered an unlikely alternative to the Bible for the swearing-in ceremony: one of the president’s daughters. “Now, wouldn’t it be better if the president’s hand was on the shoulder of one of his daughters, suggesting that he was honoring the oath of office as much as he honors Sasha and Malia?” O’Donnell asked. (Obama will keep it. Good photo-op prop for the masses. ~Bob.)

Arrests of (Illegal)aliens from terror sponsor countries up since 2006
Excerpt: While in the Tucson sector, “there was little change in the percentage of estimated known illegal entrants apprehended by Border Patrol over the past 5 fiscal years” apprehensions “of aliens from countries determined to be at an increased risk of sponsoring terrorism increased from 239 in fiscal year 2006 to 309 in fiscal year 2010, but decreased to 253 in fiscal year 2011,” according to a the GAO, (U.S. General Accounting Office).

Treasury Department rules out trillion-dollar coin 
Excerpt: The Treasury Department said on Saturday that it will not mint a trillion-dollar platinum coin to side-step the debt ceiling.

Rockefeller to retire, giving GOP a prime pickup opportunity
Excerpt: Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) announced Friday that he will not run for reelection in 2014, giving Republicans a prime pickup opportunity in a state that's grown increasingly red in recent years.

Spain Arrests 2 Over Suspected Iran Nuclear Export
Excerpt: Spanish police have arrested two people and seized equipment made by a Spanish company that was to be illegally shipped to Iran for use in its nuclear program, officials said Friday.

Saudi executioner tells all
Excerpt: Saudi Arabia's leading executioner says he is "very proud to do God's work" and does not lose sleep over beheading several people in one day. In a rare interview, Muhammad Saad al-Beshi, 42, told the Saudi daily Arab News that he had executed numerous women, as well as men.

Deaf man stabbed when sign language mistaken for gang signs, police say.
Excerpt: A North Carolina deaf man using sign language was stabbed several times after another man mistook the gestures as gang signs, police say.

Wyoming lawmakers introduce bill to nullify federal gun control measures, jail federal agents
This week, Wyoming lawmakers introduced a bill banning the federal government from enforcing an assault weapons ban or a prohibition on high-capacity magazines in the state, calling the effort an attempt to “take the Second Amendment seriously.” The bill, which is sponsored by eight Wyoming state representatives and two state senators, calls for federal agents who attempt to enforce those measures to be imprisoned for at least one year and up to five years, and fined a maximum of $5,000…. Specifically, the bill mentions that bans or restrictions on the ownership of semi-automatic firearms and firearm magazines — as well as any requirement for the registration of firearms — are unenforceable in Wyoming.

Excerpt: But since that day, we’ve seen a couple more press conferences, a few more temper tantrums and a lot more of Mr. Christie. …..The Garden State governor expected relief, and so long as we live in a system where the federal government confiscates huge amounts of taxes to pay for huge amounts of local projects, his expectation was in line. But when the Congress considered a $60 billion relief bill, there was something amiss: As the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board pointed out, the bill contained “$150 million for Alaskan fisheries; $2 million for roof repair at the Smithsonian in Washington; and about $17 billion for liberal activists under the guise of ‘community development’ funds and so-called social service grants,” among a slew of other waste.

Obama Appoints Islam’s Apologists: The shared perspective of Hagel, Kerry, and Brennan.
Excerpt: All of these candidates are rabidly pro-Islam, pro-Arab, or both. All are apologists for those causes. All are strong proponents of Obama’s vision of the world, a diminished U. S. military, and a more sympathetic outreach to Islam.

Excerpt: The Defense Department has moved ahead with a reduction in healthcare coverage for veterans in select areas of the country. Starting Oct. 1, 2013, the Pentagon will reduce the number of Prime Service Areas (PSAs) where it offers the TRICARE Prime managed care option to retirees and their family members. This change will affect approximately 171,000 military retired beneficiaries in 41 states currently enrolled in TRICARE Prime, but not active duty service members and their families.

The Revenge of Obama. By Eileen F. Toplansky
Excerpt: With his officious bearing and his "revenge" moment, he is the "defier of the world" as he continues his transformation of this country. One could say that Obama is a very apt student of the propaganda techniques used by Hitler who stated that, "propaganda must not serve the truth especially insofar as it might bring out something favorable for the opponent." Furthermore, the "crowd will finally succeed in remembering only the simplest concepts repeated a thousand times."

New Social Security Ponzi scheme, Work middle class to death, taking their life savings
About the tragic numbers below: We are not talking about societies freeloaders here, these numbers are based on the hardworking middleclass. Trust me, the freeloaders will live a long and meaningless life.

Around the World on $69 Million in Welfare Funds

Indicted businessman: Utah A.G. tied to alleged scheme
Excerpt: Embattled St. George businessman Jeremy Johnson says new Utah Attorney General John Swallow helped broker a deal in 2010 in which Johnson believed he was to pay Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid $600,000 to make a federal investigation into Johnson’s company go away. But when the federal government filed a lawsuit Johnson thought he had paid to quash, he demanded Swallow return some of the $250,000 initial payment. (Unlike this headline on The Blaze [Indicted Businessman Names Harry Reid As Alleged Recipient Of Massive Bribe], the article does not suggest Reid was involved or even knew about it. If we try to shade he truth, we help the other side. ~Bob.)

Ruger will write to your elected officials for you…
Dear (Recipient),
I am a law-abiding citizen and responsible gun owner. I am saddened by the tragic events in Newtown, Connecticut, but I believe that efforts to impose new restrictions on me and other lawful and responsible owners like me are misguided. Did you know that violent crime with firearms has declined since the Federal "assault weapons ban" expired in 2004? Your focus should be on strengthening mental health care and improving the quality of data supporting NICs checks (National Instant Criminal Background Check System). Do NOT pass more gun laws; instead, work to enforce the more than 20,000 gun laws already on the books. I am your constituent and I vote. Please represent me.
Sincerely, (Your Contact Information)

Gallipoli was not Churchill's great folly
Excerpt: Most remember Winston Churchill as foreseeing the Nazi threat, winning World War II and pronouncing the arrival of the Iron Curtain. Lesser known is his role in World War I where the Gallipoli campaign is regarded as the stain on an otherwise colossal record. The approaching centenary of World War I is a good time to set the record straight: Churchill was right to propose Gallipoli and right to oppose the withdrawal. (IMHO, It failed because of poor leadership. Any Marine NCO could lead a better amphibious operation. ~Bob)

Oracle Corp to fix Java security flaw "shortly"
Excerpt: "A fix will be available shortly," the company said in a statement released late on Friday.

Rebels overrun the Taftanaz airbase in northern Syria in a significant advance in the battles against the Assad regime.
Excerpt: "This is the largest airbase to be seized since the revolt began" nearly 22 months ago, Abdel Rahman told AFP….The Observatory said that the Taftanaz assault was led by terrorists from the Al-Nusra Front, Ahrar al-Sham and Islamic Vanguard battalions. This fact might be of concern to the West, since Al-Nusra is an affiliate of Al Qaeda, believing in the hope of reviving the Islamic Caliphate that will build a Muslim Empire to eventually rule the world.

Section 8 housing voucher distribution canceled after thousands waiting in line get out of control
This is dress rehearsal for when the government can no longer borrow money when the rating agencies like Fitch, S&P and Moody's effectively shut down US bond sales by rating our bonds junk. Folks, these are the things you need to watch. We are committing suicide as a nation with irresponsible spending. Watch the cities and states as they lose their battles with failing budgets and eventually bankruptcy will be a mirror image of what to expect on the federal level. Riots are happening now, but the feds can still borrow. What do you think will happen once they can't? I keep hearing from people in high income areas saying this will not affect them and they are immune. With all due respect, how is anyone immune to this spilling over into their communities? Barack is a community organizer. It's all he knows. If ACORN tells them to come and invade you, do you think they will stay home? And you want to give up guns now even as the bad guys acquire more and more of them? --Don Hank

Excerpt: An American pastor currently held in Iranian prison is facing a grim future after it was announced that his case was recently transferred to a judge accused of human rights violations and infamous for the number of people he has sentenced to death. 

Video: Arabs Gang Up on Hareidi Jews in Jerusalem
Excerpt: A disturbing video began circulating on Facebook Saturday evening. It shows a group of about 20 Arabs ganging up on two helpless hareidi-religious Jews, kicking one of them, hurling snowballs in their faces and humiliating them. At one point, one of the Jews falls to the ground, apparently slipping on the ice as he is chased up some steps.

Domestic violence campaign targets Scottish Muslims
Excerpt: Smina Akhtar, from Amina, said she had been shocked by the way people had manipulated the teachings of Islam. She said: "We have women coming in, phoning our helpline, time and time again and saying: 'My husband said it's okay, he told me the Koran says it's okay'. "We're quite surprised that Muslim women are often not educated, even in Islam, because Islam does not condone violence." (The infamous wife-beating verse: Men are the managers of the affairs of women for that God has preferred in bounty one of them over another, and for that they have expended of their property. Righteous women are therefore obedient, guarding the secret for God's guarding. And those you fear may be rebellious admonish; banish them to their couches, and beat them. If they then obey you, look not for any way against them; God is All-high, All-great. Koran 4:34--Robert Spencer. Longer discussion here:

Major report warns climate change could raise temperatures by 10 degrees. By Ben Geman 
Excerpt: The third National Climate Assessment, released Friday, said there’s “unambiguous evidence” that earth is warming, and that climate change over the past 50 years is driven primarily by human activity, especially from burning fossil fuels. …. Sea level is rising, oceans are becoming more acidic, and glaciers and arctic sea ice are melting,” states the draft report developed by a federal advisory panel. (So what’s all that stuff they keep spraying in crisscrosses in the sky overhead? Trying to create a drought? I never knew flight patterns that looked like tic tac toe games…..and precipitate seems to be falling out of some of them….Sometimes a residue on car windshield… I know, it’s my imagination. --Barb)

Excerpt: Carson goes on to argue for a united nation based on the Founding Fathers' intentions, with the "right to change our national government through the power of the ballot." "But they did not provide a right to walk away from it. As President Abraham Lincoln explained in his first inaugural address in 1861, 'in contemplation of universal law and of the Constitution the Union of these States is perpetual,'" Carson writes. (Let me get this straight. The Regime is in the process of tearing the Constitution to shreds but uses it to argue against secession, to “unify” us? This from the great social-agitator dividers? Ooh, you’re not supposed to notice that they don’t like the Constitution or its Amendments. Too, too, inflexible, restrictive…. And they probably pay somebody a 6-figure salary to write this tripe. --Barb. Personally, I think the succession petitions are a huge waste of time and energy that helps Obama and the left by allowing their media water carriers to paint conservatives as nuts. Going nowhere, like the birther thing. The country will likely fall apart, but not by coherent succession of states. Just chaos, riots and a crumbling of the economy, finances and social control. ~Bob.)

Remember that perfect storm I told you is coming?
Unlimited immigration is one of the components of that perfect storm. Figure it out: The government has no money of its own left, ONLY borrowed money. Jobs are as scarce as ever. Yet the government wants to flood us with even MORE illegal aliens.
Wanna know what happens next? You need only look to Greece and Spain for that answer. Back when jobs were abundant, they were some of the most immigrant friendly nations in the world. Now? Both are essentially broke and coping with over 25% unemployment.
In Greece, immigrants are being mistreated. The increasingly popular fascist party Golden Dawn is demanding that ALL immigrants be deported. If Americans were truly kind, instead of just soft headed, they would demand a moratorium on all immigration during this economic crisis. If would-be immigrants were smart, they would not touch the US with a ten foot Pole or Czech right now. They are going to be so hammered when the SHTF. (See link below) --Don Hank

White Plains home on handgun permit database burglarized
Excerpt: A White Plains home that is listed on a publicized handgun permit database was burglarized last night. Officials say the target of the burglary was the homeowner's gun case.

In Second Look, Few Savings From Digital Health Records. By Reed Abelson AND Julie Creswell
Excerpt: The conversion to electronic health records has failed so far to produce the hoped-for savings in health care costs and has had mixed results, at best, in improving efficiency and patient care, according to a new analysis by the influential RAND Corporation. Optimistic predictions by RAND in 2005 helped drive explosive growth in the electronic records industry and encouraged the federal government to give billions of dollars in financial incentives to hospitals and doctors that put the systems in place.

"Rumblings of Dictatorship"

Criticizing Islam Considered National Security Threat: Spanish authorities threaten to deport Christian to certain death for speaking out
Excerpt: As tensions continue to surge over the expansion of Shariah law both in the Middle East and in Europe, a new speech rights case has emerged in Spain where an ex-Muslim Christian convert is threatened with deportation for speaking out against Islam. Imran Farasat, who was interviewed by WND, is a Pakistani Christian who converted from Islam in 2004, after, he said, “I realized that what I was following for 26 years of my life is not a religion but in reality is a political dictatorship which persecutes and teaches to persecute through the orders and teachings of a self-proclaimed prophet (Muhammad).”

Madeleine Albright Surfaces To Defend Chuck Hagel On Israel
Excerpt: Apparently, Albright missed the fact that CAIR praised Hagel for trying to undermine Israel's plan to strike Hezbollah in 2006. Maybe she missed the fact that Hagel was one of only four senators who refused to sign a letter in support of Israel in 2004 or that, in 2005, he was one of 27 senators who refused to ask the Palestinian Authority to bar terrorist groups from participating in national elections. Or maybe she missed Hagel's ongoing support for Iran.

This is what Obama is funding with US tax dollars...YOUR taxes, folks! --DH

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