Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Guest Post: Violence Prevention Strategies

Violence Prevention Strategies
By Robert H. Woody, PhD, ScD, JD, ABPP (Clinical & Forensic)
Professor, psychologist, attorney, law enforcement officer (school resource officer training).

Suggested Strategies

The foremost issue is mental health services, not the availability of firearms.

The primary emphasis should be on reducing visual and aural portrayal of violence in the mass media and popular culture (e.g., games, television, movies, lyrics), relevant to all ages.

The Community Mental Health Centers Act of 1963 should be resurrected immediately and funded on a permanent basis.

There should be an increase in gun safety courses for all ages, particularly children and adolescents.

Schools, health facilities, government agencies, and other high-risk contexts should ALL restrict access via a lock-down system, and have properly trained security/resource officers (with firearms).

More responsible parenting should be promoted by schools and public agencies.

Avoidance of alcohol and other substance abuse should be taught (1) in schools, (2) by parents, and (3) in the media and popular culture.

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  1. This makes perfect sense, which means in the Obamasphere it will never happen. :-(