Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hello, China, it’s Barack

Hello, China, it’s Barack
Robert A. Hall

Hello, China, It’s me again.
We need some cash, from our old friend.
I know I spend much more than George,
But a coalition’s pricy to forge.

I know I called debt unpatriotic,
When Bush did it, I said idiotic.
But now it’s me, and times have changed,
Opposing debt is now deranged.

I’ll swipe my card, you send the cash,
And we will sing, “Monster Debt Mash.”
You kill dissidents? Let them bleed!
I do not bite the hand that feeds.

You want to buy the whole U.S.?
Not all at once, don’t make a mess!
But I will make you one fine deal,
I’ll sell you Texas, it’s a steal.

I’m now like you, I fear no votes,
So I can jam it down their throats.
On November Sixth, big spenders won,
So I’m flexible, and having fun.

I know the future kids are screwed,
But they don’t vote, they are so rude,
So I’ll stick them with every bill,
While book deals my pockets fill.

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  1. I really like this and posted a link on fb to this page. Take care, Sharon