Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It may not matter that much: post-election thoughts

It may not matter that much: post-election thoughts
Robert A. Hall

I’m writing this in the night, right after the results were clear. When I get a chance Wednesday, I’ll run spell check and give a quick scan for coherence, then send it out.

“Democracy,” wrote H. L. Mencken, “is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.” I think the common people are going to get it good and hard over the next several years, and there will be great “buyer’s remorse.” But I think that was true if Romney had been elected.

In May of 2010, I published The Coming Collapse of the American Republic
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In it, I wrote that I thought there was an 80% chance that America would fall apart, with tragic results, within 20 years. Since then, 95% of the relevant information that has crossed my desk has increased my fears, pushing me to over 90%. The reelection of President Obama increases that to 98%. I’m inclined, actually, to think it’s 100%, but I will fight on while I draw breath, because I could be wrong (pray I am), a game changer could come alone and, because, as a Marine I believe that it is better to fight without hope than to acquiesce in the destruction of the country I love.

Obama alone is not to blame for the coming fiscal collapse, followed by social and political collapse, though his election and re-election has certainly accelerated it. The fact is that government has always attracted greedy people of low ethics who want to use its power to loot their fellow citizens. The difference is that for the past 30-years, they have been looting future generations. With the acquiescence of both parties I might add, where politicians have been willing to sell the future for political support today.

Why will this destroy the country? It is best explained in this 2010 Newsweek article:

The West and the Tyranny of Public Debt

Please read it. Barack Obama promised to fundamentally transform America. Below is an American Thinker piece I wrote on that. I believe the transformation I laid out will now be made permanent.

Barack Obama and the Fundamental Transformation of America

I will not join the finger-pointing at Mitt Romney. Yes, he wasn’t my first choice. Yes he made mistakes and had weaknesses. But I don’t think any of the Republican candidates could have won. And I don’t think that the 2016 election will now matter at all.

The fact is, this is not the country we grew up in and love. A country is not fields and lakes and mountains. It is not homes and stores and churches and farms. It is people. It has already fundamentally changed, as we are not the people we were. I am not talking about race and demographics, so beloved by the political pundits. In my view, race means very little, culture means a great deal, and starting in the 1960s, the culture began changing for most Americans. On election day, we learned how much.

I recently read Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010 By
Charles Murray

It presents data showing how the white lower class has changed over the past 50 years. It has nothing to do with race or knocking minorities. Church attendance has collapsed. Un-churched people tend to vote Democrat. Marriage rates have collapsed. People who worry about gays getting married should worry about the far greater problem of straights not getting married. Married women, with a stake in the future and the economy for their kids, voted strongly for Romney. Unmarried women, more concerned with getting free birth control and abortions today, voted strongly for Obama. And for the first time ever, there are now more unmarried than married adult women. White males have far lower employment rates than in the past. People who are getting by on various handouts tend to vote for Democrats. Participation in civic organizations has collapsed. I think people who are more involved in their communities are more likely to vote Republican, but have no data. And the non-marital birth rate, among white as well as minorities, has gone through the roof. Nothing is more collated with poverty than being a single mother. They tend to fuel the explosive growth of Medicaid, welfare and food stamps.

Fewer people have any reluctance to fudge to get on government assistance. There has been an explosion of people on disability, despite the advances of modern medicine. Hip and knee replacements, for example, return thousands of people to the workforce who in 1950 would have been living in agony, confined to a wheelchair. But it is seen as a way to live without work by too many, which will collapse the system for the truly needy. These people vote Democrat to protect current benefits, and to hell with the future.

I thought the Obama-Phone voters would be a solid majority by 2016. The election proved they already are.

But Barack Obama is riding a tiger and dares not let go. It is the mass of entitlement voters and special interests like government and teachers unions, trial lawyers and green crony contributors who demand ever more and more largess from the government. They are eating the seed corn of the future, and do not care. When the government can no longer loot future generations, because no one will buy the debt, we will have entitlement riots. That will be only the start. To avoid a default, they will have to devalue the currency, creating hyper inflation. How will people react to having their retirement savings decimated? It won’t be pretty.

So what do I expect in the next four years?

Growth in government. Growth in public employees. Massive growth in the debt. A growing realization that the hundreds of trillions of dollars in unfunded liabilities for Social Security, Medicare, government pensions and Obamacare cannot be redeemed, resulting in unrest. A sharp new recession, probably worse than 2008, driven by the collapse in Europe and the anti-business policies on this administration.

Continued colonization by illegal immigrants, Hispanic and Muslim, who want to establish separate cultures within ours, based on the failed, oppressive and corrupt cultures they come from, who will be welcomed by Democrats to get support from these groups. Hispanic and Muslim immigrants who want to join our culture, adopt American values, learn our language and participate fully in the economic and political life of the nation should be welcomed. But the Democrats will welcome those who with to live off our society while imposing a separatist culture.

Iran will get a bomb, making a nuclear attack on one of our cities very likely. Even more likely on Israel, as delivery will be easier.

A Supreme Court majority will be created that believes the Constitution says whatever they want it to say for political convenience at any given point in time.

The cities, fiscal black holes, with continue to decline. Chicago will become Detroit. Detriot will become Bagdad. The inner city crime and drug culture will spread from the cities, and combating it will be blocked by charges of “racism,” though blacks and Hispanics will suffer the worst.

Major newspapers, like the New York Times, will go under, partly due to the Internet, partly due to the decline in civic literacy and partly due to the fact that people who do read no longer trust them.

And we will reach the tipping point very soon, beyond which fiscal, social and political collapse will be impossible to avoid.

Pray I’m completely wrong. God save the Republic. ~Bob.


  1. Absolutely agree. Unfortunately, there is little at this point that we who believe can do except survive.

  2. Best post I have read today, and sharing. Thanks for your service and Semper Fi

  3. Great article. Hope you are wrong too.

  4. Great article. Thanks for sharing it and thanks for your service to our country. I worry for my children and their children. God bless you!

  5. Great piece, I am in complete agreement. Though I do have to say, the GOP had better do some house cleaning and find a MUCH better lot to combat the next attempt at a Clinton administration - assuming, of course, there IS a next election...

    Thank you for your service, Sir. May yours, and mine, not have been in vain...

  6. I do pray that you (we) are wrong. But I know in my heart you are right.

  7. Yikes . . . I pray that you are wrong . . . and not sure I want to go down with the ship . . .


  8. I, too, pray that you're wrong, but you surely did rip the scab off the wound our America suffered last week.

    My gut hurts.

    Thank you for your service, and for your thoughts.