Tuesday, November 6, 2012

From a Marine Friend, just resent

Why I'm voting in November

Larry Woolverton

I'm planning on casting my meaningless vote on November 6. Oklahoma will go for Romney anyway, no matter how I vote. I guess I will go to the polls just so I can remember that I voted in the last free election America had. I have absolutely no doubt that Obama will win re-election. No doubt at all. The maddening thing is, Romney pretty much had the presidency in the bag until he picked Paul Ryan as his running mate.

Don't get me wrong. Paul Ryan is a great guy. Smart, conservative, great representative, good to his mama...all that. But what did he add to the ticket? Seriously. What? Is he a spell binding orator? Really? Who does he fire up? Conservatives? They are going to vote for Romney anyway. Senior citizens? Enough of them think, wrongly, that Ryan wants to do away with their Medicare. And seniors vote en masse, especially when they believe someone may threaten their Social Security and Medicare. It is simply a fact. Maybe the Hispanics, illegals, and Mexican citizens will flock to Romney/Ryan. But why? Why would they all of a sudden switch away from the democrat party - the party that is holding the border gate open for them and bribing them with benefits? 

Today is August 23, and Obama is ahead in both Ohio and Florida in a poll of likely voters. What is so puzzling is why Romney chose Paul Ryan over Marco Rubio. No one got people excited more than Rubio did. And he would have brought Florida and many Hispanics along with him. And probably many "undecided" voters, if there really are any.

If you do a man on the street survey, like Jay Leno does with his Jaywalking, and ask people who Paul Ryan is, ninety-nine percent of them will respond with something like, "Who? Paul Ryan? Uh...let's see...doesn't he work with sheet metal?"

I predict Obama will win re-election by about the same margin that he won in 2008. Probably by about 52% to 48%. My prediction comes from my firm belief that more than half of the American people are too stupid to be allowed to vote. Unfortunately, they are allowed to vote. So, 95-97% of the black vote goes to Obama again. Most of the Hispanic vote goes to Obama again. Too many of the fossilized citizens will vote to "save" Medicare. The 48% of people who pay no taxes will, naturally, vote democrat again. Ditto for the dead voters.

The next president will be able to appoint at least two more Supreme Court justices. Maybe three. How does "Supreme Court Justice Eric Holder" sound?

I don't know exactly how he will do it, but with a majority of the Supreme Court in his pocket, Obama will somehow be able to skirt the 22nd amendment to the constitution, which limits the terms of the presidency to two. Then it's President for Life. Shouldn't be hard to do, since he doesn't believe in the constitution, anyway.

So, I'm going to vote. Just for future nostalgia purposes.

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