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Political Digest for June 24, 2012

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Book Recommendation. At All Costs: How a Crippled Ship and Two American Merchant Mariners Turned the Tide of World War II. By Same Moses.
I enjoyed this wonderfully-told story on audio book during my commutes. It's a must for the WWII or Navel History Buff. Operation Pedestal, the convoy that saved Malta for the allies despite losing nine of 14 merchant ships, was arguably a turning point in the war. Yet it is a little known tale of great heroism. One hopes that we can find such men for the challenges of the future.

Long, but a Must Read: Beyond the Welfare State. By Yuval Levin
Excerpt: It is becoming increasingly clear that we in America are living through a period of transition. One chapter of our national life is closing, and another is about to begin. We can sense this in the tense volatility of our electoral politics, as dramatic "change elections" follow closely upon one another. We can feel it in the unseemly mood of decline that has infected our public life — leaving our usually cheerful nation fretful about global competition and unsure if the next generation will be able to live as well as the present one. (This interesting article was sent to me by Dr. Jon Haidt, the author of the excellent book The Righteous Mind. He's a moral psychologist who supported Obama and Kerry.)

If I had a son, he'd look like Brian Terry
Excerpt: “Attorney General Eric Holder’s refusal to fully disclose the documents associated with Operation Fast and Furious and President Obama’s assertion of executive privilege serves to compound this tragedy. It denies the Terry family and the American people the truth. Our son, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, was killed by members of a Mexican drug cartel armed with weapons from this failed Justice Department gun trafficking investigation.

Forkless Friday at Obama event Excerpt: Does a fork or dinner knife pose an unacceptable danger to President Barack Obama? One wouldn’t think so, given the hundreds of lunches and dinners he’s attended ranging from state dinners to political fundraisers to run-of-the-mill stops on the rubber-chicken circuit. However, at one such lunch Friday afternoon, guests heard an unusual announcement that they needed to hand over their silverware for security reasons. (Well, maybe he doesn't trust Latinos. ~Bob.)

Obama’s new fun-raising pitch; Give me your wedding presents
Excerpt: President Barack Obama is so short of campaign cash that he’s asking for a percentage of your wedding, birthday and anniversary gifts — but the visitors to his fundraising site are leaving contempt, jibes and scorn, plus a few declarations of embarrassment. “Is this what the office of the president of the United States has come to? Pandering for wedding and birthday money?”

The push for micro-stamping is really a push for national gun registration
Excerpt: And this time around, The New York Times is pushing it, Time magazine is pushing it and other outlets of the same political persuasion are doing their level best to show us how micro-stamping the firing pins in our firearms could reduce crime by miraculous levels overnight. Of course, they don’t mention the gun registration, the new powers of gun taxation or the all-out gun bans associated with the scheme. Nor are they bothered with another major sticking point— micro-stamping doesn’t really work.

Pat Boone: Obama's Plan to Raise Estate Tax is 'Robbery'
Excerpt: President Barack Obama's promise to raise the estate tax by 5 percent to 55 percent should he be re-elected in November is “not just wrong, it’s criminal,” legendary singer Pat Boone told Newsmax.TV. "People that have worked hard, people who have saved, paid their taxes, set something away and now want to leave it to their family — if they have the bad judgment to die, the government will step over and say: ‘Thank you. We will take 55 percent of that,’ ” Boone told...

Man Without A Country: Me
Excerpt: Do any of you remember the famous story, "Man Without A Country"? Written by Edward Everett Hale, it is a story about a fictional character, Philip Nolan, who curses the state of the U.S. and is subsequently tried for treason and exiled from the United States. The story was in all of our elementary school textbooks when I was in school.

The Muslim Brotherhood's Useful Idiots. By Caroline Glick
Excerpt: You have to hand it to the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. They know how to play power politics. They know how to acquire power. And they know how to use power. Last Friday, the day before voters by most accounts elected the Brotherhood's candidate Mohamed Morsy to serve as Egypt's next president, The Wall Street Journal published a riveting account by Charles Levinson and Matt Bradley of how the Brotherhood outmaneuvered the secular revolutionaries to take control of the country's political space.

Going Green is Gauche on Robert Kennedy’s Private Ocean
Excerpt: That alone should qualify him for a Presidential Medal of Freedom… if, you know, he hadn’t supported Hillary Clinton for president rather than Barack Obama.
But Kennedy also thinks that we shouldn’t get too carried away by the prospect of “free wind power”- especially when his pet projects like the Kennedy trust fund, the Kennedy ocean views and the Kennedy beachfront property on Nantucket Sound are in conflict with “free wind power.”

About 13,000 Sacramento County Democrats shun Obama. By Phillip Reese
Excerpt: President Barack Obama was the only choice on the ballot for the 85,000 Sacramento County Democrats and 5,000 decline-to-state voters who took Democratic ballots during last Tuesday's primary. But about 8,000 of those voters left their presidential ballots blank, and another 5,300 scribbled in a write-in candidate. (17% did not want to vote for O. --DH)

‘My only crime was to be Muslim’
Excerpt: DESPITE being warned by trial judge Mushtaq Khokhar not to reveal his previous convictions to the jury, Shabir Ahmed ignored the advice. Throughout the trial Ahmed ranted at jurors that his convictions in the child sex scandal had been a “conspiracy by the police, English Defence League (EDL), British National Party (BNP) and social services” and added that he had instructed his barrister, Simon Nichol, to appeal the sentence.

Excerpt: Christians are being targeted by Muslim rebels according to the Vatican and other sources amongst besieged Syrian Christian communities. According to reports by the Vatican's Fides News Agency, the US-backed Syrian Army are sacking churches and issuing threats that all Christians will be cleansed from rebel-held territory.

German neo-Nazis helped Palestinian terrorists kill 11 Israeli athletes in 1972 Munich Massacre, intelligence files reveal
Excerpt: German neo-Nazis helped Palestinian terrorists kill 11 Israeli athletes during the 1972 Munich Olympic Games, newly released intelligence files reveal. Abu Daoud, who is believed to the mastermind of the atrocity, met fascist Willi Pohl in Dortmund, according to a city police dossier kept secret for 40 years. (Gee, will there be a backlash against Nazis from the Naziophobic? ~Bob.)

‘Mom, Dad, I‘m a Democrat’: The Worst Attempt at Outreach to Republicans You’ll See This Week
Hope the idiots do more of these. ~Bob

Special Operations Speak: Obama's Worst Nightmare. By Austin Bay
Excerpt: A string of White House information leaks, each leak a war-story skit crafted to buff President Barack Obama's tough-dude cred in the upcoming presidential election, has very likely harmed U.S. national security interests. These leaks may also make future military and intelligence counter-terror operations more difficult to organize and, for the American covert intelligence agents and special operations commandos who jeopardize their lives in these grim endeavors, much riskier to execute.

NYT: Jay Carney Made An ‘Angry Phone Call’ To Fox Exec. Following Anti-Obama Video
Excerpt: White House press secretary Jay Carney made an “angry phone call” to a Fox News executive after the network aired a scathing video review last month of President Barack Obama’s first three years in office, the New York Times reported.

Romney Says President Doesn’t Need Congressional Approval to Go to War
Excerpt: can assure you if I’m president, the Iranians will have no question but that I will be willing to take military action if necessary to prevent them from becoming a nuclear threat to the world. don’t believe at this stage, therefore, if I’m president that we need to have a war powers approval or special authorization for military force. The president has that capacity now.

How Much Oil is Left in the World? By Robert Rapier. The Energy Collective.
Excerpt: In 1980, U.S. proved reserves were 36.5 billion barrels. In 2011, U.S. proved reserves were 30.9 billion barrels. Over the course of 31 years, the U.S. produced 103 billion barrels of oil, but U.S. reserves only fell by 5.7 billion barrels. This is a result of continued improvements in oil extraction technology (e.g., hydraulic fracturing) as well as from new discoveries (especially offshore). But it also demonstrates that one must allow for reserves growth when looking at a country’s proved reserves. I think it’s a safe bet that even though U.S. proved reserves are 30.9 billion barrels, a lot more oil than that will ultimately be produced in the U.S. (Loaves, anyone? Fishes? Kate.)

Rage at boiling point after farm murder
Johannesburg - The son of a murdered farmer has challenged ANC Youth League statements that land should be taken without compensation, according to a report on Friday. ... Ronald Lamola, deputy president of the ANC Youth League, called on Tuesday night at the Durban University of Technology for the expropriation of land without compensation. (South Africa circulating the drain. As in Zimbabwe, they can take the land from white farmers and give it to blacks. But they cannot transfer the farming knowledge or work ethic. So, in a country that used to export food, blacks are now starving. Black life expectance, 63 under white rule, has dropped to about 36 under black rule. Progressives call this progress. ~Bob.)

Wait, Did This 15-Year-Old From Maryland Just Change Cancer Treatment?
Ok, I'll try one last time to get the right link to paste. ~Bob

Death of a Muslim Honor Killer. By Daniel Greenfield (aka Sultan Knish).
Excerpt: On the day of the shooting, Awkal, who would base his entire twenty year defense on an insanity claim, wrote a check for most of his assets to his brother, and arrived at the courthouse with the stroller, child seat and baby food that he would need once he abducted his daughter. He met up with his wife and her brother inside the courthouse and killed them. Then he tried to use his 15 month old daughter as a human shield before being shot in the back by law enforcement.

Mark Steyn: Obama the First Invented American President.
Excerpt: Courtesy of David Maraniss' new book, we now know that yet another key prop of Barack Obama's identity is false: His Kenyan grandfather was not brutally tortured or even non-brutally detained by his British colonial masters. The composite gram'pa joins an ever-swelling cast of characters from Barack's "memoir" who, to put it discreetly, differ somewhat in reality from their bit parts in the grand Obama narrative. The best friend at school portrayed in Obama's autobiography as "a symbol of young blackness" was, in fact, half Japanese, and not a close friend.

Going Global: English Defence League to attend first Global Counter-Jihad Demonstration in Stockholm on 4th August 2012
Excerpt: But it was not in the mosques of Stockholm that al-Abdaly [who, in December 2010, blew himself up while trying to blow Swedes up in Stockholm] became a terrorist, but in Luton [in Bedfordshire, England, home of the English Defence League]. His family told of how “everything changed” after he attended Luton University and the discovery that Luton Islamic Centre’s website carried links to extremist preaching confounded concerns that it was Britain that had radicalised this once quite ordinary teenager.

The People’s Right to Know. By Paul R. Hollrah
Excerpt: In September 28, 2005, after nearly three months behind bars, New York Times reporter Judith Miller was released from a federal detention center in Alexandria, Virginia. Miller was sent to jail on July 6, 2005 after refusing to divulge a source when questioned before a federal grand jury looking into the alleged leak of CIA employee Valerie Plame’s identity by senior White House officials. She was freed after receiving an unconditional release of confidentiality from her source, Vice President Dick Cheney’s chief of staff, I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, a principal target of Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald’s investigation.

Long "South Park" Sentence a Win for Free Speech
Excerpt: A convert to Islam who helped promote death threats against the producers of the animated television show "South Park" after it featured a character representing the prophet Mohammad will serve 11½ years in prison, a federal judge ordered Friday.

Pink Slips for Everyone
Excerpt: Lockheed Martin will formally notify its 120,000 employees this fall that they may lose their jobs because of sequestration, said company chairman and CEO Bob Stevens June 19. During a press conference in Arlington, Va., Stevens said the Budget Control Act "is on the books, and the President has said he would veto" any change to it.

Rio: Killing the earth since 1992. By James Delingpole
Excerpt: Here are the facts: the catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming on which Maurice Strong and his watermelon cohorts asked us to bet the world economy back in 1992 hasn't happened. That's why, at this Rio they're playing down the "Climate Change" issue and concentrating on "Biodiversity" instead. But as Driessen and Rothbard note at Watts Up With That, there is no scientific evidence whatsoever for the greenies projections of catastrophic species loss.

Afghan officials report suspected poison attack in Sar-i-Pul
Excerpt: Afghan authorities reported a suspected poison attack today against an all girls' school in the northern province of Sar-i-Pul, but fell short of publicy accusing the Taliban of planning or conducting the attack. Provincial education chief Abdul Ghafoor Sar-i-Puli told Khaama Press that an investigation has been launched but so far health officials have not found any traces of hazardous or toxic gases at the Hazrat Imam Zada Yahya high school where the incident took place. More than 100 students were rushed to a local hospital for treatment after scores of students fell ill and were reporting symptoms of headaches, fever, and nausea. (Poisoning schoolgirls keeps them busy when they aren't handing out the "Islam is a Religion of Peace" flyers to western media types. ~Bob.)

Taliban Take Women and Children Hostage in Hotel Attack
Excerpt: Heavily armed Taliban insurgents stormed a popular lakeside hotel just outside of Kabul, killing at least 18 people and wounding several more in a brazen overnight attack. The assault, which lasted nearly 12 hours, began shortly before midnight on Thursday. As many as eight insurgents, some reportedly disguised in burqahs, killed the security guards at the hotel, stormed inside, and began firing at guests. (They probably were not on the list to receive the "Islam Is A Religion of Peace" memo. MasterGuns)

Rodney King Saved My Life - by James Delingpole
Excerpt: But while I was talking to the gang [of Four Tray Crips in Hollywood], I wasn't scared one bit. What helped, I think, was that my guilelessness and my English accent appealed to them. Anyway, before I left they gave me a friendly warning. "Be safe, bro," they said. "You wanna be careful. Guy was round here last night, asking questions like you. He got himself stuck with an axe."

Obama’s Truthiness: The truth must be bent to show that it’s somebody else’s fault. By Jonah Goldberg
Excerpt: But Obama was supposed to be different. He was a “lightworker,” an ocean tamer, and cynicism slayer. In short, he was supposed to be too good to be true — and it turns out he was.

Chart of the Day: Share of World GDP, 1-2008 AD

Excerpt: Bottom Line: Free market capitalism is the best path to prosperity illustrated, or how a minor British colony became a world economic superpower with free market capitalism. (this blog is worth following. ~Bob.)

Here Are 41 Joe Biden Expressions You Must Know
Excerpt: As the campaign trail heats up, it is important to keep a close eye on our elected officials. But due to talking points and teleprompters, our leaders true feelings are often hard to predict.

Test of Fire: Election 2012
Powerful Ad. ~Bob.

Video by AZ Prof ob Obama vs. Arizona

What Was So Bad About the 1950s? By Ed West
Excerpt: But what do people have against the 1950s? It’s a strange insult to use because, not only were the 1950s an incredibly peaceful, ordered time but they were also, by today’s standards, very equal (and getting more so). It was a great time to be poor – the first time in history when a working-class Englishman could afford to support a wife and two kids, as well as having enough to save, afford a holiday and, often even run a car. Today, especially when housing costs are considered, that is very difficult.

Pelosi: Obama should unilaterally eliminate the debt ceiling
Excerpt: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., thinks that President Obama should unilaterally eliminate the debt ceiling, rather than negotiate with Congress to spend more money when the United States hits the debt ceiling later this year. (If George Bush has even suggested...Oh, never mind. ~Bob.)

$365,000 extra, and counting: U. of I. financial administrator managed to retire on police pension formula, much to his benefit
Excerpt: Yet Bazzani, the university's longtime vice president for business and finance, is drawing a pension not as a regular university employee but under the more lucrative pension formula intended for university police officers and firefighters. (Just can't figure out why so many people loath government, Democrats and public employee unions. You can read this kind of stuff almost every week in Chicago. ~Bob.) 

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