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Political Digest for June 11, 2012

Obama walks back private economy 'doing fine' remark 
Excerpt: Hours after saying the private sector is "doing fine," President Obama on Friday walked back those remarks, saying it's "absolutely clear" the economy is not fine. "That's precisely why I asked Congress to start taking some steps to make a difference," Obama said. Obama corrected himself at a press availability in the Oval Office just hours after he made the original remark to reporters in the White House briefing room

'New Party' Literature Suggests Obama Paid Dues to Join
Excerpt: In the ongoing discussion of Barack Obama's involvement with Chicago's extremist "New Party," online literature from the Party likely reveals that the young state senator not only was a member but had to commit financially to membership.

Silicon Valley Faces Private Sanity Check. By Rolfe Winkler
Excerpt: A wave of sanity is washing over Silicon Valley after Facebook's FB +3.00% listing debacle, and that may be bad news for private companies looking to raise money. Suddenly, investors seem to care about business fundamentals again. (Part of the problem is that Zuckerman chose to say in California, where the Socialists are guaranteed to rip you off. –DH)

Easy Part Over for Vietnam. By Bridget O'Flaherty
Excerpt: At one side of the large concrete Hoa Binh Market in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 5 sits an “illegal market,” where vendors set up small light bulbs over their produce and meat and loop wires over the large umbrellas. On special occasions like public holidays, police may chase away or even arrest the several dozen of these vendors. Sometimes, goods are confiscated. But that’s not their only problem now. (The communists have never been able to really run an economy properly. The combination of stupidity, ignorance, and of course rampant corruption, always turns things into a mess. We can hope they learn some kind of lesson and do better, so the poor people can still have a decent scale of living. But it's hard to be optimistic about what comes out of the politburo. --Del)

Excerpt: Israeli officials who were placed at risk by the Obama administration's leaks about the Stuxnet virus are disputing American claims that the cyber-weapon was jointly developed by the U.S. and Israel. Rather, they say, Israeli intelligence first started developing cyberspace warfare against Iran, only convincing the U.S.--with some difficulty--to join in. The Israelis allege that President Barack Obama claimed credit for Stuxnet to boost his re-election campaign.

Excerpt: Boko again attacked churches in Nigeria. Today in Jos, a suicide bomber attempted to ram his explosives-laden car into a church, while in Biu, gunmen opened fire inside another church. Boko Haram claimed credit for the attacks. Scores of people are feared to have been killed in Bui. 

SWITZERLAND: Soaring violent crime blamed on illegal Muslim infiltrators from North Africa
Excerpt: Cross-border crime is on the rise, and becoming ever more violent, in western Switzerland and the Ticino. “The perpetrators are armed with assault rifles, machine guns and even rocket-propelled grenades, but are hard to identify when caught, because they carry no papers.

What Bill Clinton Knows. By Daniel Greenfield
 Excerpt: What Clinton understood, and Obama doesn't, is that politics is about people. And that politics is nothing without people. 400 glowing articles don't compare to what people are feeling when they're unemployed, when they're not sure how they'll make payroll next month and when they sit toting up the numbers late at night and worrying about the future. Obama isn't so much a machine politician as he is a politician of the machine.

Excerpt: Recently, I watched Florida's Senator Marco Rubio -- who is allegedly short-listed as a vice-presidential candidate -- on TV, dancing around to avoid answering whether he supports Mitt Romney’s position of cutting foreign aid to reduce the budget deficit. While totally ending foreign aid is unnecessary, countries with repressive and corrupt regimes are prime candidates for such a move. First, a diplomatic d√©marche should be issued with a concrete timetable for ending human rights abuses and theft of aid. Cambodia is high on the list of problem nations in this regard. (A great job of exposing a truly tragic situation, where criminals run a country, through intimidation, brutality, and murder. And we're sending them money? --Del)

Honorably discharged veterans of the Special Operations communities of all the Armed Services have organized an effort to elect Mitt Romney President of the United States. This group, “Special Operations Speaks,” or “SOS,” will be structured along quasi-military lines, with an umbrella organization coordinating the efforts of several subordinate Service-unique specialties. (A lot of people are taking this Nov election very, very seriously. As we all should. How it comes out is going to make an enormous difference to the course this nation takes. And my personal opinion is that the course this Administration has tried to put us on is one that takes us over a cliff. --Del)

Farm Bill 'Reform' Stuffed With Pork. By Debra J. Saunders 
Excerpt: This is Washington's version of the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.
There's just one little problem. Somehow, whenever the two parties work together, they end up spending a lot of other people's money.

DPM: Nation's future depends on Malay unity
Excerpt: In fact, there have been efforts recently by these same parties to manipulate the struggle for freedom and human rights based on liberal Western ideas by challenging Islamic teachings, including campaigns for same-sex marriage and the practice of free sex, which are clearly prohibited by Islam and other religions. … Therefore, Muhyiddin said it is crucial for the Islamic race to create a united thinking (wahdatul fikr) based on true Islamic teachings from the al-Quran and Hadis. (Huh. Islam is the only “race” that you can join by making a statement of believe. Other than Cherokee, I mean. ~Bob.)

Nashville police file suit against Kurdish Pride gang members
Excerpt: Police say Kurdish Pride members were involved in at least one murder, multiple beatings and shootings, drug dealing, illegal weapons and vandalism. Incidents include the 2006 attempted murder of a Metro Parks Police officer and multiple graffiti messages threatening a Metro Police Gang Unit detective. (We can only hope the people beaten and killed didn’t become Islamophobic. That would be terrible. ~Bob.)

"If the newborn is not one of our Shiites, the devil inserts his index finger into the anus of the newborn, who thus becomes a passive homosexual"
Excerpt: Here is some astonishingly high-level anthropological/theological/physiological analysis from a Shi'ite cleric. Now we know why Reza Aslan, the apologist for the Islamic Republic of Iran and Sharia oppressionaccuses his foes of being homosexual.

Mob attacks women at Egypt anti-sexual harassment rally 
Excerpt: Hundreds of men assaulted women holding a march demanding an end to sexual harassment, with the attackers overwhelming the male guardians and groping and molesting several of the female marchers in Cairo's Tahrir Square. (They sure know how to have a good time over at the Arab Spring. ~Bob.)

Obama Administration admits "hundreds" of closed-door meetings with Hamas-linked CAIR
Excerpt: They know that what they're doing is wrong, too -- look at how they try to strongarm the Daily Caller for reporting on this. Hamas-linked CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror funding case -- so named by the Justice Department. CAIR operatives have repeatedly refused to denounce Hamas and Hizballah as terrorist groups.

Lovely: Spain now looking for a $125 billion bailout
Excerpt: Friday, the International Monetary Fund informed the world that, in their estimation, Spain is in need of a bailout of ’round about $50 billion to rescue their banking system and save the country from financial disaster. Today, we learned that the real situation is, in fact, much worse than the original estimate, and that Spain would actually prefer an aid package closer to about $125 billion. Well, fancy that — who could’ve seen that one coming? (Every bailout just brings Europe closer to collapse. Greece got still another, and now Spain comes hat in hand. But wait! We can't forget Portugal, and maybe Italy? And then, and then...Don Hank)

The Lynching of George Zimmerman, By Anthony W. Hager
Excerpt: Whether or not Zimmerman misled the court is immaterial. In fact, his guilt or innocence is immaterial. His trial has transcended justice; it's now about capitalizing on opportunity.

Politics by Other Means. By Mark Moyar
Excerpt: Last week, on the eve of publication of David E. Sanger's "Confront and Conceal: Obama's Secret Wars and Surprising Use of American Power," the New York Times ran an excerpt that detailed secret American cyberattacks on Iran. Sens. John McCain and Saxby Chambliss promptly demanded an investigation, charging that this and other recent leaks of secret information were coming from administration officials more concerned about the president's re-election than about the nation's security. (Dr. Moyar does a great job of examining what the books reveal about the supposed leadership of Mr. Obama, and how things go on in the Administration. –Del. I highly recommend Moyar’s book on Vietnam and on the history of counter insurgency warfare. ~Bob.)

Excerpt: The Taliban suicide bomber, who was wearing a burka, attacked the French troops in the district of Nirjab at about 11:30 local time, according to Pajhwok Afghan News. Five French soldiers were wounded; three are in "serious condition." Three Afghan soldiers were also wounded.

Partisan Press? "That's The Way It Was" With Cronkite
Excerpt: After a new biography exposing the unassailable CBS legend Walter Cronkite as a fraud, the network's president admits, "partisanship is very much a part of journalism now." Actually, "that's the way it was" too. (A great article, finally revealing the truth about the supposedly fair and unbiased reporting of the past. However, I still disagree somewhat with what it says, in that as biased as the media were way back when, I see them as far more biased, and openly so, today. --Del)

Clueless appeal to aid gov’t workers
Excerpt: Excerpt: A startlingly listless President Obama appeared in the White House press room yesterday morning, spoke some dull preliminaries about the European financial crisis — and then slipped and tumbled headfirst into re-election quicksand from which he will find it very difficult to extricate himself. Now, it is not the case that the president is finished because he said, “The private sector is doing fine” — even though those were the very words he spoke yesterday, the week after a jump in the unemployment rate and a downward revision of the GDP.

Obama Was Pushed by Drug Industry, E-Mails Suggest
Excerpt: — After weeks of talks, drug industry lobbyists were growing nervous. To cut a deal with the White House on overhauling health care, they needed to be sure that President Obama would stop a proposal intended to bring down medicine prices. On June 3, 2009, one of the lobbyists e-mailed Nancy-Ann DeParle, the president’s health care adviser. Ms. DeParle reassured the lobbyist. Although Mr. Obama was overseas, she wrote, she and other top officials had “made decision, based on how constructive you guys have been, to oppose importation” on a different proposal.

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