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Guest Post: Predicting an October Surprise

This is posted with the permission of Mr. Gossett. I find it a tad over-sold, but the idea is plausible, and the media will certainly cooperate to make Obama look as good as possible. I do not believe there is anything Obama would not do to be re-elected. Mr. Gossett said I could take out his Biblical predictions at the end, but I left them in to reflect his views. My own thinking is that the disasters coming down on us are entirely man-made. ~Bob.

My handshake with Mitt this morning
Donald Gossett, Orlando

I was wearing my shirt that looks like an American flag and, that shirt got me a seat in the bleachers directly behind and over Romney's right shoulder (upper left of your TV screen on the news tonight). That also got me a great spot on the rope line as Romney exited shaking hands. I was standing up on the platform so Mitt had to look up to see us as he shook our hands. I knew I would have just precious few seconds, so I was rehearsing them in my head as he approached.

Much later after everyone had left the building, an NBC reporter in the back of the room approached me and asked, "I could see that you had a bit longer conversation with Romney than anyone else, could you share with me what the two of you were discussing?” To me, it felt as if Romney and I talked for a couple of minutes. It may've only been a few seconds but it was obvious that my first few words got his attention.

Here's the dialog as best I can recall :

Don: "Mitt the media hasn't been able to lay a glove on you so far and for now, nothing Obama's doing is working but, I think I know what the October surprise is to be that they'll be throwing at you in September—you'll need to look out for this! "

Mitt: With those words Romney, lifted his face and,  his eyes made contact with mine and Romney says, "Oh yeah, what do you think they're gonna do?"

Don: "Obama is going to shock everyone by actually supporting Benjamin Netanyahu and, the Israeli's bombing of Iran's nuclear program. Where else is his base going? They'll still vote for him. And, the media will climb all over themselves praising Obama, calling him the "Savior of Israel” and making the world safe again for democracy! They'll call Obama the re-incarnation of FDR & Dwight Eisenhower; the greatest war-time President in nearly a century! They'll give Obama all the credit just like they speak of Obama now as having single handedly taken out Osama Ben Laden. And Mitt, that's all the media will want to talk about for an entire month leading up to the election!" I never talked so fast in my life. And, I'm amazed that I didn't trip over all my words.

Mitt tilted his head a bit, then looked back at me and said, "Wow, that would be a surprise! We might need to think about THAT one."

Don: "Well Mitt, I think that you ought to get out in front of this one. I'll be praying for you and, working for you too!”

Mitt: "Thanks for that and, thanks too, for that idea."

And, with that he went on to the next handshake.

Now, Mitt is shaking hands with a thousand people every day. He'll shake hands with another several hundred donors at a fund raiser this afternoon. They'll all want him to remember their hot button issue. But, at least this thought has now passed between his ears.

Maybe someday, they will have a strategy session before the debates and, this idea will emerge once again from his subconscious. I just hope it doesn't get lost and, the next time it occurs to him is once Obama is on the shoulders of the media riding down a Manhattan ticker tape parade drinking in the Media's praises.

Thought some of you might find that interesting. The idea I shared with Romney is the same story I wrote to you folks last week that most of you didn't read because it was more than a few lines long. If you didn't read it, here it is once again …

Obama’s Path to RE-ELECTION and It’s Aftermath
Can't happen, you say? Follow my logic & reasoning …

The Lame-Stream, Non-Fox Media (NFM) would GLADLY HELP re-elect Obama (BO) despite his horrible track record and, the disaster of his last 3 1/2 years, if only they could find something good to say about poor ole Barrack. They (the NFM) will come to BO’s rescue in a New York minute if given something positive to say about BHO or, something negative to say re. Mitt. So far neither opportunity has arisen (or stuck) and won't until mid-September or early October 2012 … this election cycle's ”October surprise” !

Last election cycle's “October Surprise” was the Wall Street collapse and TARP; before that, it was George W. Bush's drunk driving (compared to what John Edwards was doing, LOL). This year's “October Surprise” will come via a most unlikely source … someone who hates Obama almost as much as we who have had to suffer under his lack of leadership … Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel, & Iran. Follow this logic …

Netanyahu (BN) met with BHO & Hillary on Monday March 5,  2012. As BN left D.C. his public remarks were to the effect that their (Israel's) destruction of the Iran's nuclear program would not happen in days or even weeks... but, it certainly would not be put off for years!!!  Well folks, the only other options here are … hours, eons or, months!

BN's visit was (in my opinion) a courtesy call saying that this was our final notice, you won't hear from me (BN) again until 30 minutes after our last sortie lands safely home and Iran is left as a smoldering sea of glass. The only question is, when, … how many months?

I propose to you that BN had the following message or discussions (just my personal speculation) for his ole BFF Barrack and BO’s side kick Hillary:

"Barrack, ole pal, a couple of years ago we wanted to get this “Iranian nuke program stuff” all over with when it was clearly going to be much easier to accomplish. However, we understood that you were so opposed to our taking this Iranian action that it was thought that you might even order your U. S. air defense system to shoot our  (Israeli) jets down. And, that you’d probably join in with the other Arab sympathizers to criticize us in the U. N. just like we've come to expect from those not normally considered our allies.

Well, that was then and, this is now. You held all the cards back then. But NOW,  just before your Nov. 2012 U.S. elections, I (BN) hold the trump cards … Follow my logic here Barrack:

Whether you get re-elected or, even if Mitt wins, I'm back to another U. S. President wanting me to hold off till they can take another crack at negotiating once again with Ahmadinejad, as if a rational discussion was possible with this mad man.

No deal this time, dude! We've already wasted precious years waiting on your sanctions and support.  So far, you've failed to deliver for us just as you have failed at everything else you've stuck your nose into the last 3 1/2 years (i.e. healthcare, economy, jobs, etc.).

So, from now up until just a few weeks before the 2012 elections, I hold all the cards and I will dictate the timing of our eradication of Iran’s nuclear program.

Sometime between mid September till late October, I can either deliver or cost you ... possibly New York but, most certainly the state of Florida! And, that’s why you’re going to give us your 100% backing and support just as “enthusiastically” as you took drugs back in school (as you said in your book, remember, Barrack).

So, Barrack ole Buddy, if you hinder us in any way or even just fail to say, “Thank you Ben, for taking care of Iran for us,” I will make sure every Jew all across America knows of your lack of support! ... I’ll make it my mission to do to your re-election what we’er going do to Iran!!

On the other hand, I’m prepared to back you to the US media as Israel’s “knight in shining armor,” “our savior” ... if you but, co-operate and, support us Barrack, as you know you should. 

Also Barrack, don’t you worry for one minute about your liberal base. You can handle those nay-sayers in your party; why, where are they going to go ?… they hate Republicans more than they dislike the idea of Iranians with nukes, wouldn’t you agree, Barrack! With my blessing and praise for your courageous support of our mission, trust me, they’ll still vote for you, Pal!! 

Just imagine Barrack, with my cooperation you can have your U. S. lapdog, boot-licking, liberal media proclaim you as the “savior of Israel" and, I will play along backing you up saying,  "we couldn’t possibly have done it without President Obama’s cooperation and support. Why, he practically took over the entire mission, ... just like you did when you single handedly took out Osama bin Laden ... what a hero!"

And you can bet that the academics in the White House and State Department are right now busily writing the articles covering Barry’s involvement in the mission for the New York Times.  They're already proof-reading the transcripts of interviews of eye witnesses who saw Barrack pulling the trigger on the first bomb to hit Iran!

WHY, BHO may even go greet the airmen returning from their bombing missions, give them a campaign speech with a sign in the background reading ...  "Mission Accomplished" !

BHO might call a widow of an airman who failed to return. He’ll play golf with others. It will be a magnificent celebration and, the media can proclaim that “The world is once again “safe for democracy” (or, Socialism if you prefer) !

The New York Times headlines will read like this :

Barrack the Savior of Israel, the world and, beyond!
Barrack, the greatest war time president since FDR
BARRACK, he really is the Messiah, who knew?
Barrack, the Re-Incarnation of Dwight D. Eisenhower
BARRACK, He did it all, Netanyahu had little to do with it

And, we will hear nothing from the media for a month before the U.S. elections but, what a brilliant stroke of genius this was how Barrack went ahead with this plan even at great personal and political risk.  How this brave young Man-Child President laid it all on the line for our greatest ally, Israel.

And oh, Romney and you shameful conservatives, you thought BHO was a Muslim! Ha!

See, you conservatives were wrong again!     My, how BHO has grown since ascending the mantle of world power! How can America not re-elect such a noble statesman!

You getting the picture here, Bubba?

But now, just think about this folks. Russia and Iran have a mutual defense treaty! Yes, ever since September  6, 2007 when Israel knocked out one of Syria’s nuclear sites. Google it, they have the story.

Iran had purchased from Russia the same air-defense system that didn’t protect Syria. Iran was going to default on paying Russia for it. So, Vladimir Putin traveled to Iran to re-assure them that they certainly should continue to pay Russia.

Therefore, Putin and Ahmadinejad signed a mutual defense treaty to calm Iran’s concerns, remember?

So, look for Russia to lye in the weeds for a few months after Israel’s attack on Iran until we think that their response threat has subsided. And then, Look for Russia to retaliate against the US and Israel with an EMP attack off our East & West coast and, possibly also off the Gulf coast near Houston—this, taking out our power grid, all vehicular transportation, no food resupply, no water, no sewage treatment facilities, etc. We retaliate of course, and the whole world is back to the horse & buggy times ... all this, in just one day (see Revelation chapter 18). In my opinion, this could be the Second Seal of Revelation chapter 6:3. And, this might be why America is not a player in Biblical end-times accounts.

But first, before that Russian EMP attack and our retaliation  … the very next event after the bombing of Iran (and before the Russian response) is the pressure that is thrust upon ISRAEL from the U.N., the European Union, the Arab States and, our newly re-elected war hero President (now turned statesman) BHO, for Israel to sign onto a “Peace Treaty” between Israel and her enemies.

Those familiar with Biblical prophecy will recognize Israel’s “False Peace” with her enemies as the beginning of the tribulation or the First Seal of Revelation Chapter 6. This period is also spoken of in the book of Daniel Ch 9: 24-27.

So (in my opinion), the EMP attack by Russia and our response  could be the fulfillment of “the second seal” (Rev 6:3) i.e. ... the “Great Weapon” given to the second horseman of the apocalypse which enables him to take peace from the earth and, “to cause men to slay one another”.

Of course, all this may not be the tribulation or, Daniel's 70th week. No, this could just be another set of ironic coincidences and/or just another Y2K scare?

But, connect the dots folks. There's a real good chance that the scenario above could bring us ... the re-election of BHO, the 7 year Tribulation, War with Russia and, who knows what else? Isn't that enough? Good thing we'll have someone like Barack Hussein Obama um, um, um … leading us into these troubled times, huh?

Get ready guys, next few months could be life changing, momentous, history making and, a turning point in world events. If you get ready and nothing happens like Y2K, well, what’s the worst thing that could happen? You’ll just end up with another “Preparation Locker” to place in storage. And, I will gladly and, thankfully apologize for needlessly alarming you. 

Well, happy trails folks !

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