Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Joel B. Pollak--Pledge to the People

Below is the recent pledge made by Joel pollak, a congressional candidate in my district. You might want to copy it and send it to candidates in your district, as enactment of these points would be a great improvement in government and the country. All but the one on O'Hare would apply nationally. ~Bob
Joel B. Pollak
Pledge to the People of the Ninth Congressional District of Illinois

I pledge to pursue the following legislative proposals in the 112th Congress, based on suggestions from residents of the District during my extensive listening tour:
1. Investment Tax Credit - Allow businesses to deduct 10% of each investment in new capital from their taxable income. Investments by large firms in small businesses and start-up companies will be eligible for the credit. (Ken Hechtman, Skokie)

2. Restore Impoundment - Grant the President the authority, through a line-item veto or by amending the Impoundment Control Act of 1974, to spend less than the amount that Congress has appropriated for any given purpose. (Cora Thomson, Glenview)

3. Replace AMT with flat-rate option - End the Alternative Minimum Tax, which hurts an increasing number of middle-income families, and allow taxpayers to choose between a simple, flat-rate and the current system. (Jason Mugnaini, Park Ridge)

4. Wind Down Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac - Break up and reform the two mortgage giants and move them away from the government guarantees that have distorted the housing market and scarred our financial system. (Jeremy Kohn, Evanston)

5. Work Incentives for the Unemployed - Require enrollment in job retraining or community service as a condition for extended relief; waiting period for initial benefits to encourage saving; declining payment scale over time. (Lori Diversey, Park Ridge)

6. Repeal §9006 of ObamaCare - Immediately repeal provision of ObamaCare that requires small businesses to file a 1099 form with the IRS for purchases of goods over $600—even purchases from corporations. (Linda Forman, Evanston)

7. Sustainable Health Reform - Allow people to buy health insurance across state lines, and give federal courts discretion to award costs against litigants bringing frivolous malpractice claims. (Ken Hechtman, Skokie / Peggy Shapiro, Lincolnwood)

8. Military Option on Iran - Resolve that the United States will support Israel, militarily and diplomatically, if Israel determines it must pursue a pre-emptive strike on Iran; make clear that an attack on Israel is an attack on the U.S. (Serene Velasco, Uptown)

9. Supplemental EIS for O’Hare - Encourage a supplemental Environmental Impact Statement process to mitigate the negative impacts of airport expansion on the community, with the city and suburbs as joint participants. (Paul Hartjen, Park Ridge)

10. Restore Opportunity Scholarships - Undo the termination of the successful school voucher program in Washington, D.C., and re-establish it a model for school choice in the rest of the nation’s urban school districts. (Diane Gorman, Park Ridge)


  1. Bob,
    "extensive listening tour" -what a concept! I sincerely hope he wins - the whole country could use quite a few more like him.

  2. About #8:

    "... an attack on Israel is an attack on the U.S."

    And why is that?

    The United States did not even exist the first time the original owners tossed them out.

    The Jews from day one created their enemies of today by invading the area - a long time ago - with a bloodbath of horrid proportions. They slaughtered the original inhabitants... Every man, woman, child and animal. Whatever happpens to them is a predictable consequence of their own activities.

    To state that an attack on them by the descendants of the previous owners is an attack on the United States is pure nonsense.

    If Joel Pollak actually believes what he says in #8, he should not be put in office as a representative of the United States, rather as an agent of a foreign power.

    To be blunt, he should not even run for a United States congressional seat if he wishes to obligate the United States to either side in this endless war of invasion, occupation and ejection.