Thursday, September 30, 2010

Concast charges when their line goes bad

On Labor Day Saturday we came home to discover the phone line down. So we called Comcast on the cell. They said they’d send out Emergency Repair, since otherwise we wouldn’t have service until Tuesday. (Good thing, neither of us could wait around on Tuesday for them to show. We have real jobs. It’s how we pay their bills, though that seems to escape them).

The guy showed up and went over our system. He asked if the phones had ever worked since they were installed some 14 months ago when we moved in.

Yes, we said, we’d have noticed if we were paying for phone service and not getting it.

He traced the system, some more. Finally he said the problem was in the line Comcast had installed in the kitchen. The only way to fix it was to disconnect the kitchen phone. Fine. So he did, and Comcast’s wonderful phone service was restored. Except to the Kitchen where we had had service for 14 months.

Today I got the bill. For disconnecting the service in the kitchen, which Comcast had installed, they charged us $28.99 for a “trouble call.”

If you use Comcast, and their installation goes bad, it will cost you.

Yup, that’s trouble.


  1. It only costs you, if you PAY the bill. Me and Comcast would go round and round before THAT money was ever paid!

  2. Cable companies are a racket. We, fortunately have a pretty good one, Metrocast. Not perfect, mind you, but pretty good and responsive when I've got a problem!

  3. I work for Comcast. I'll reach out to my contacts to see what we can do with the fee. You can contact me (include account info and link to this page) if you're interested in my help.

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations