Sunday, May 30, 2010

Obama supporters protest AZ law


  1. And that's EXACTLY why all the "immigrant" protests happen around MayDay! They are as essential a part of "subverting the dominant paradign" as the Communists now running Washington.
    All that's needed now is an army filled with sodomites too seared of conscience and reprobate of mind to respect the rights of the citizens, and you can stick America with a fork:
    It'll be done.

    Sadly, the modern "right" is the near-left, looking for new and more interesting ways to aid, abet and capitalize by compromise: You can't tell me, from the tenor of his latest power-grab submissions to the Senate, John McCain would govern any different than Obama has.

  2. Are these people ignorant? Don't they understand that AZ's law is less oppressive than the Fed law? At least there is someone with the "stones" to try to protect this country. Good for AZ.