Monday, May 24, 2010

Cook County Board of Review

Gotta love it here in Blagobamaville (Addresses deleted):

May 24, 2010

Commissioner Joseph Berrios
Commissioner Brendan Houlihan
Commission Larry Rogers
Cook County Board of Review
118 North Clark Street #601
Chicago IL 60602

Dear Commissioners:

Thank you for reviewing the valuation of our Condo, which we purchased in June of 2009 for $160,000, and reducing the assed Fair Market Value (FMV) from $20,973 ($209,730 at 100% of FMV) to $20,399 ($203,999 at 100% of FVM), as I understand valuation is at 10% of FMV.

Since you have determined in your wisdom that our property is worth $203,999, I respectfully wish to offer you a wonderful deal. First come, first served, we will sell any of you this property for $193,999, ten thousand dollars below what you have determined the fair market value to be.

Once we have a signed sales contract, we will immediately put in an offer on one of the three condos in our association currently on the market. All units here are pretty much the same, though the “C” units are slightly larger. The ones currently for sale are:

A- Unit: $170,000. Says 2.5 baths, but I think that’s an error, as I think all but the earliest ones have two baths.
C-Unit: $167,500. Exact same unit as ours, but with new carpets and a better view overlooking woods instead of apartments like ours does.
D-Unit: $163,900. Slightly smaller, but with new windows, Corian counters, new wood floors and a new AC unit, better view, so much nicer than ours. However, says only one bath, so once you grab this deal, we’ll probably go with one of the others.

Please no pushing or shoving as you take advantage of this wonderful chance to save $10,000 off what you have determined as the FMV.

As an aside, I’ll bet you are among those public officials who wonder why decent, hard-working folks are fleeing Cook County. Once I can no longer work in a year or two, we’ll be joining them.

Robert A. Hall

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