Monday, January 18, 2010

Marines for Brown

Report from a retired Marine in Massachusetts:

Three weeks ago I sent out an ALMAR throughout USA advising MARINES that we had a fight on our hands, of epic proportion, here in Massachusetts, that would likely affect every man, woman, and child in America for generations to come. I asked for support—any support—well wishers or phone calls, perhaps emails and most importantly, financial contributions. Anything would be enthusiastically and warmly received. I had no idea what the response would be.

I want to let you know that ACDU and retired Marines and their families stepped up to the plate. The Republican/conservative candidate for US Senate from Massachusetts , Scott Brown, Lt Col MNG, received a tsunami of contributions both manpower and money. Enthusiasm in infectious. The “can do spirit” spread like wildfire. “ Situation in doubt---WE WILL PREVAIL”. “The Tea Party of America jumped aboard, NRA shortly behind. Grass roots Republican organizations across America began to send in money and making phone calls. Literally within hours a beleaguered band of Massachusetts Republicans, “ We few, We happy few, We band of brothers” received reinforcements by the thousands, I would like to think initiated by Marines. The democrats were hit by an unstoppable counterattack that continues to push them right into the Atlantic Ocean. There is no Dunkirk. There is no flotilla steaming across the Channel to save them. Obama’s feeble attempt to rescue the democrat candidate, fell flat. There were more Brown supporters outside his venue than Democrat supporters inside. Forty five miles away—Scott Brown had the City of Worcester, MA shut down because the enthusiastic crowds overwhelmed the ability and capacity to deal with the multitude. Victory is just 24 hours away. I and my fellow conservative and Patriotic Americans here in the Bay State will continue to hold the colors high. We will get out the vote—and we WILL send the White House and Congress a message loud and clear: The PARTY IS OVER!

Thank you all for your support and enthusiasm. Please note below---two Marines who jumped immediately into the fray----locked and loaded.

Thank you all so very much and Semper Fidelis

As Tod Beamer said to his fellow passengers on Flt 93: “ Let’s Roll”
This fire must spread across America.

Tom Constantine
US Marine Ret


For Scott Brown -

Hopefully you will have time in what must be a very hectic schedule for you now, to read the following. This morning (Friday, January 15th) I donated $200 to your campaign. In doing so, I sent out the message below to approx. 100 military veterans and others who belong to an organization I started back in '86. The name of the organization was first called the USMC/Vietnam Helicopter Pilots and Aircrew Reunion. The organization was not planned for, as I simply wanted to get together with those I had flown with in-country. It took off like a rocket. At the first reunion we had 6 people, we have now found over 6,000 and have reunions every two years in different parts of the country. In 2004 we changed the name of the organization to also include those who are currently fighting in the Mid-East. I have a feeling that the message below will continue to be forwarded to many others. My aim is to generate as much support for you as possible in the short time left before the election. This idea grew from a conversation I recently had with a very good friend of mine, John "JD" Barber, a retired Quincy firefighter who was a crewchief on CH-46s in Vietnam, and followed me as president of the Association. Another friend of mine who also served in Vietnam, a retired MA state trooper, Tom Constantine, was also an inspiration for me to do what I could to help. Hopefully, this effort will in some small way help your campaign knock out the competition and help us save the traditional, conservative country that we have all fought to defend. The oath of office we all took... "to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic" is forever!

Best of luck on Tuesday. If you get a chance to visit our website sometime, the address is: . To be clear, the organization is not making an official endorsement, as I am no longer in charge of it, but I can assure you that the overwhelming majority of its members feel exactly the same as I do. Go get 'em!

Semper Fi,

Roger Herman
San Diego, CA


Don -

Thanks for sending the link to Scott Brown's website. I just donated $200 and called and spoke with his campaign office. Had to redial several times because the lines were so busy. As the individual in the office said, it is not too late to donate with the election being just four days away. A lot of the bills for the campaign come due after the election. With Coakley calling in all the big guns (translation - the leftist radicals from the 60s now in power) who want to change this country into a Socialist state or worse, and her also flying to D.C. to hold a $10,000 a plate dinner, I see it as our duty to take action immediately. Never thought that I would ever donate any money to a politician again, but like you and many others feel, this is probably the most important election in decades, as we try to save our great country. I am infoing approx. 100 others on this reply to you in order to further help get the word out.

Semper Fi,


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