Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Brown wins in Massachusetts 52-47

Incredible victory. Biggest political upset in Massachusetts since a new college grad beat a Democrat state senator and former candidate for governor in 1972, by 9 votes, in a 4-1 Democrat district that last elected a Republican in 1938.

Congratulations to Sen. Brown, and to everyone who aided in this victory with money, time or prayers.


  1. Our congratulations to Senator-elect Brown and all the citizens of Massachusetts. What a great way to kick off the re-taking of America!

  2. Does this mean I won't have to buy gas for my car or pay my mortgage any more? LOL! This has been a long time coming. And, by the way, for any who don't know, the "new college grad" Bob refers to above is himself.
    Ron Pittenger, Shrewsbury, MA

  3. Robert,

    Thanks for sharing the information on Brown beginning several weeks ago. I believe that it was shared far and wide and had much to do with this victory for America.

    Also thank you again for the information that you share and your efforts on behalf of our country. It does make a difference.

    Milton McNeely

  4. Great victory for the people of Massachusetts. Brown's response to David Gergen that it was not Kennedy's seat but the people's seat was one of the best comebacks I have heard from a politician in years. Brown for POTUS in 2012?

    John "MasterGuns" Lewis