Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Latest from the Front in Massachusetts

Marines, fellow countrymen and friends abroad,

The Massachusetts Regiment is being reformed this very date.

Today, at daybreak, I went and parked my pickup truck with my 4’X8’ SCOTT BROWN for US SENATE sign at my local polling place. I went home and had a cup of tea and awaited the opening of the polls. I returned at 0800 EDT with trepidation that there would be the usual turn out of a few folks who want to vote before going off to work and the odd housewife voting after dropping the children at school. To my utter amazement the school where I vote was mobbed! I live in a small community of seven thousand. My wife and I voted and departed the immediate area of the voting booths and went out doors. Now there was no place to park and people were arriving by the score. Everyone was saying the same thing---“ We are sending Washington a message.”

“ We the People.”

“This is not Kennedy’s seat---this is the PEOPLES seat.”

My wife returned home and myself and other Scott Brown poll workers had a large 4’X8’ sign and greeted voters upon arrival and encouraged them to vote for Scott Brown.

Most replied, “ Is there anyone else on the ballot?” or they gave us a thumbs up. Others were more vocal. There were NO—none---zero---Coakely supporters or sign holders and this is not a Republican community. As a matter of fact there are only eight souls on the Hanson Republican Town Committee. BTW we doubled our number this week and today with folks asking to join! Now we are up to twelve. A mighty oak from an acorn grows.

There is no exit polling---but it appears that it is 10:1 in my small community for Brown. BTW—it is gray overcast, on and off snow and approximately 33F. It is snowing out west in MA.

If this keeps up here and in other Massachusetts communities---it will be a stunning victory. The only issue is Suffolk County (Boston) where the democrat political machine lives and breathes. The word corruption does not do them justice. Most of the politicians in Boston have not breathed an honest breath in their miserable lives. Despicable and reprehensible thieves and liars comes to mind.

I’m about to go back out after getting warmed up. I have been battling a severe case of pneumonia for two weeks now. This is too important for me to pass up--- I want to be part of history.

Many, many thanks for your support. We wouldn’t be here now if it was not for your support and generosity. Keep this rolling across USA. We are going to take our country back from all politicians, lobbyists, and special interest groups who wish ill upon us and serve no one but themselves.

Each state can begin to form their own regiments and battalions----it takes but one man to take the initiative.

I’ll try and give an update this evening---watch the news!

Tom Constantine
US Marine ret

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  1. Thank you Massachusetts for defending Liberty! I prayed for a miracle and am deeply grateful my prayers were answered.