Saturday, October 17, 2009

Random Notes

I’m traveling on business, probably with little opportunity to post, but I left behind some random notes I’d made recently.

President BO has gone wobbly, caught between his tough, testosterone-laden campaign rhetoric about Afghanistan being a “war of necessity” that Bush had “under-resourced,” not to mention his announcement last March of a bold new strategy with a new general on one hand, and the America-should-always-retreat wing of his party on the other. Americans didn’t make the connection between Clinton choking on a couple of chances to nail bin Laden and 9/11. This time, if BO pulls back and they hit us hard in the future, from a resurgent al Qaeda based in Afghanistan, the voters will know who to blame. But with Nancy, Harry and company breaking out white feathers for their bonnets (The British kind, not the Hathcock kind), it will be hard for BO to do what he needs to win it, as he pledged. So what seems likely is BO will use the LBJ Vietnam strategy of too little, too late, kicking the problem down the road. As a Marne who served in Vietnam under LBJ’s command, I’ve been there, done that.

Saw a Hummer the other day with a vanity plate: FIL ER UP. Beats the Hummer in our neighborhood with: SIZ MTRS.

Added to the list of people I wouldn’t let babysit my granddaughter: Whoopi “It-Wasn’t Rape-Rape” Goldberg. As I’ve said before, if it had been a 13-year-old black girl, and a 43-year-old prominent white Republican politician who drugged and raped her, rather than a leftie Hollywood type, she’d be screaming for the death penalty.

Whenever I see a tiny “smart car” parked. I wonder that a couple of burley car thieves don’t throw it in the back of a pick-up and take off.

What was a really cold summer here in Blagobamaville has become a really cold fall, leading me to dread winter and bitch about broken political promises. The Democrats promised me some global warming, and damn it, I want it.

We recently were at a dinner and had a lady at our table who was 101. She didn’t look or act a day over 80. And here am I hoping to make 70. She also won the raffle for the top prize, a beautiful necklace, valued at $375….made and donated by her daughter. The dinner came with a show, a radical new form of music called “barbershop” The songs had melody (look it up), and the singers didn’t shout. It’ll never catch on.

Suddenly Democrats are attacking Republicans for “being unpatriotic” for not wanting the Olympics turned over to the Daley Machine for looting, and not cheering Obama’s being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize after 11 days in office. Meanwhile they are desperately looking for a way to lose Obama’s proclaimed “War of Necessity” in Afghanistan without looking unpatriotic. Probably as noted above by under-resourcing that war, which they rightly accused Bush of under-resourcing. Being for losing the Olympics is unpatriotic. Being for losing a war, thus turning Afghan girls back to a vile tyranny that will throw acid in their faces for daring to go to school isn’t. Go figure.

A doctor friend of mine, who voted for Obama, was lamenting that the health care reform effort, (sorry, they changed the name to health insurance reform—can’t keep up) was going to end in a debacle. “Yeah,” I said. “I knew that on November 4th.”

In June, we moved into a small condo, and my wife put sheers on the windows. A couple of weeks ago, she said we needed to get regular curtains for the bedroom. I asked why. “The leaves are falling and the neighbors will be able to see into our bedroom.” “”Honey,” I said, “If the neighbors don’t want to see into our bedroom, let them buy the curtains! It’s not like at our age we could sell tickets or anything.” She bought them anyway. Women are hard to figure out.

If we can pay for reform by cutting “fraud and waste,” why hasn’t government already saved this money by doing so? How about proving they can save the money first? When has a government program ever cost what was predicted, or cut “fraud and waste”?

I’ve been going to this website everyday and writing in Barack Obama for the Heisman Trophy. You can laugh, but I’m sure he deserves it every bit as much as he deserved the Nobel Peace Prize.

Conan O'Brien: Today, the head of the Nobel Prize Committee defended the decision to give President Obama this year's Peace Prize saying that Obama's already accomplished quite a bit. When asked for an example, the committee chairman said, C'mon, he won the freaking' Nobel Peace Prize. The Nobel Committee is saying the reason they gave Obama the Peace Prize is for reducing tension around the world. So, the runners-up for this year's Nobel Prize were "red wine" and "the Brookstone 3-Speed Massaging Recliner."

After “Cash for Clunkers” ended, car sales fell through the floor. Apparently many of the folks who bought new cars were going to buy anyway, and rushed to get the handout. Who could have predicted that? Okay, other than economists.

Hard to bitch about Democrats when Republican Congress Critters are just as busy buying votes with our tax dollars through earmarks.

We should stop comparing Obama to Hitler. ..........Hitler got the Olympics to come to Berlin! (Credit to a retired Border Patrol Agent, I’m told.)

All change is not growth; all movement is not forward. – Ellen Glasgow

Thanks are due both Bill Clinton and David Letterman, because we no longer have to listen to feminists claiming that sex with employees is the equivalent of rape, due to the power imbalance. And I haven’t heard the “women don’t lie about rape” mantra since Juanita Broaddrick accused Bill Clinton of rape. But if you’re a leftie rapist, it isn’t “rape-rape” I guess.

I’m thinking of selling tee shirts that say on the front: “Al Gore’s carbon footprint (with a big print). My carbon footprint (with a tiny one).” And on the back: “If you’re Greener than Gore, You’re Green enough!” It’s a growing market.

Discovering new “rights”—especially if they involve cash entitlements someone else can be forced to pay for—is a great way to win votes.

Government is the great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else. -Frederic Bastiat, French Economist (1801-1850)

One good think about having chronic sinus and an allergy cough. I had a head cold for two days before I realized it. I figure with my lungs H1N1 has a fair shot of knocking me off, so I’m now the hand sanitizer king.

If Bush had told the Olympic Committee they should give the Olympics to America because of how great, he, personally, was, the world would have howled. How many times did BO use “I” in his presentation? I’ve heard it was over 70 times.

I had a call from a charity, asking me to donate some of my clothing to starving poor people in Afghanistan. I told them to get lost. Anybody who fits into my clothes is NOT starving!!

Congressional Democrats have just announced a plan to impose a new color tax on states with vibrant fall colors, in order to plant more sugar maples in low-color states. “A beautiful fall is a right that has been denied to too many Americans by greedy have-color states,” they said. “This bill will eliminate the two-Americas—the colorful one and the drab one, and will ensure equality of color and drabness for all. We want an America that is not only green, but red and yellow and russet.” Republicans, feeding the perception that they are the “Party of Hell No,” promised to oppose the “Americans Deserve Color” bill.

Hope you are having a lovely autumn.


  1. I ask with maximum 68 people... how you feel when you listen president obama won the peace prize....

    than 54% people told
    firstly ... amazing how he deserve it...??
    second ..... he is not a peace president..
    third ...... i am shocked when i heard...
    and only 14% people agree with him... and told that he deserve it..

    oops well i am also shocked when i heard these news...
    he did nothing yet... than how he deserve it...

  2. I really want one of those Al Gore T-shirts!!!!!