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Political Digest October 26, 2009

I post articles because I think they are of interest. Doing so doesn’t mean that I necessarily agree with every—or any—opinion in the posted article.
Excerpt: Don't be deceived by the honeyed baritone voice and big smile. Bluffs, bully plays, and head fakes are the means by which President Obama tries to get his way. He learned the technique from Saul Alinsky. The best answer is to use Alinsky against them. We know their rule book, and we can use their rules just as well as they can. The aggressor sets the rules. Obama constantly uses Alinsky's principle of head-faking: "Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have." For Obama, "the enemy" is us, the American people. We have to understand -- that's the way they use the language. Read Alinsky's Rules for Radicals if you don't believe it. We are the enemy.

Congress despairs when slaves can read
Excerpt: In the early colonial history of this country, it was illegal to teach a slave or a "free person of color" to read and write. Slave owners believed if a slave was taught to read and write they would no longer listen and obey their master and would then be worthless. They also believed that the education of slaves could lead to revolts. Well, informed voters might not like what's in the legislation if they have 72 hours to read it, and we might not listen to or obey our congressional masters. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats would rather for us to remain in the dark, ignorant and stupid. I pray that someone will get the following message to Speaker Pelosi and the Democrat-led Congress: We are not slaves. We can read, and this is our declaration. (The increasing willingness of black writes like this one to speak out is heartening.)

Generous pay for new Freddie Mac CFO
Excerpt: The pay package given to Freddie Mac's new chief financial officer should have sent a message from Washington to corporate America about how executive compensation standards must change. Instead, it did just the opposite. The government-controlled mortgage finance company is giving CFO Ross Kari compensation worth as much as $5.5 million. That includes an almost $2 million cash signing bonus and a generous salary that could top $2.3 million. The Federal Housing Finance Agency, which oversees Freddie Mac, approved the pay package. A spokeswoman pointed to a statement that justified the agency's approval of the pay, which was done in part because the amount was comparable to what others in the financial services industry make. That way of thinking is exactly what helped feed the surge in executive pay over the last decade. Everyone wants to make at least as much, or more, than their peers. (Didn’t Freddie Mac get a bailout? Didn’t President Wobbly promise to cut the pay of execs of companies that got bailouts by 90%? Or is he tied in political to the Chicago/Obama machine?)

GOP's New Lightning Rod
Excerpt: After six years in the state Legislature, she ran for Congress and now, in her second term, has become such a burr under Democrats' saddles that recently The New York Times profiled her beneath a Page One headline: "GOP Has a Lightning Rod, And Her Name Is Not Palin." She is, however, a petite pistol that occasionally goes off half-cocked. For example, appearing on MSNBC's "Hardball" 18 days before last year's election, she made the mistake of taking Chris Matthews' bait and speculating about whether Barack Obama and some other Democrats have "anti-American" views. In the ensuing uproar -- fueled by people who were not comparably scandalized when George W. Bush was sulfurously vilified -- her opponent raised nearly $2 million and her lead shrank from 13 points to her winning margin of 3. Some of her supposed excesses are, however, not merely defensible, they are admirable. For example, her June 9 statement on the House floor in which she spoke of "gangster government" has been viewed on the Internet about 2 million times. She noted that, during the federal takeover of General Motors, a Democratic senator and one of her Democratic House colleagues each successfully intervened with GM to save a constituent's dealership from forced closure. One of her constituents, whose dealership had been in the family for 90 years, told her that the $15 million dealership had been rendered worthless overnight and, Bachmann said, "GM is demanding that she hand over her customer list," probably to give it to surviving GM dealerships that once were competitors.

Polling Polls: Americans Independent and Irate
Excerpt: A poll of opinion polls shows that Americans are undergoing rapidly changing attitudes. RealClearPolitics, a national polling aggregator, shows that Americans are becoming less and less thrilled about the direction of the country and with the job Congress is doing. Support has been peeling off steadily, says RealClearPolitics executive editor Tom Bevan.

America’s Obama Obsession
Excerpt: For 30 months the nation has been in the grip of a certain Obama obsession, immune to countervailing facts, unwilling to face reality, and loath to break the spell. But like all trances, the fit is passing, and we the patient are beginning to appreciate how the stupor came upon us, why it lifted, and what its consequences have been.

To Republicans, Libertarians & America's Enemies
Excerpt: If republicans continue to whine, spend all their energies trying to prove Barack Obama is an illegal alien, cry out “The sky is falling!” with every email rumor that comes along, act apathetic about who represents us, or switch to the libertarian party, which can only weaken our vote again, then we will once again hand the election to the democrats.

Treasury Finds IRS Employees Abused Homebuyer Tax Credit
Excerpt: The Treasury Department has uncovered more than 50 instances where employees of the Internal Revenue Service illegally or inappropriately claimed credits for first-time homebuyers. In an interview with FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto, J. Russell George, the inspector general for tax administration at Treasury, said there are 53 cases involving IRS employees and that number could rise. “In all honesty this is an interim report,” George said. “I expect that the number would be much larger than that number.” (when the guy in charge is a tax cheat, is this a surprise? Can’t want to see what they do with health care.)

Obama a tough guy, at least with Fox News
Excerpt: Benjamin Disraeli's most famous advice to aspiring politicians was: "Never complain and never explain." For the greatest orator of our time, a man who makes Churchill, Lincoln and Henry V at Agincourt look like first-round rejects on "Orating With The Stars," Barack Obama seems to have pretty much given up on the explaining side. He tried it with health care with speech after speech after exclusive interview for months on end, and the more he explained the more unpopular the whole racket got. So he declared that the time for explaining is over, and it's time to sign on or else. Meanwhile, to take the other half of the Disraeli equation, Obama and his officials and their beleaguered band of surrogates never stop complaining. If you express concerns about government health care, they complain about all these "racists" and "domestic terrorists" obstructing his agenda. If you wonder why the president can't seem to find time in his hectic schedule of international awards acceptance speeches to make a decision about Afghanistan, they complain that it's not his fault he "inherited" all these problems. And, if you wonder why his "green jobs" czar is a communist 9/11 truther, and his National Endowment for the Arts guy is leaning on grant recipients to produce Soviet-style propaganda extolling Obama policies, they complain about Fox News…. You can take the community organizer out of Chicago, but you can't take the Chicago out of the community organizer.(Obama compares himself to Lincoln. Haven’t read much in Lincoln’s writings about his blaming Buchanan for the much bigger mess he inherited, or the press for much worse attacks than those of Fox commentators.)

It's His Rubble Now
Excerpt: President Obama, in office a month longer than Bush was when 9/11 hit, now owns his presidency. Does he know it? He too stands on rubble, figuratively speaking—a collapsed economy, high and growing unemployment, two wars. Everyone knows what he's standing on. You can almost see the smoke rising around him. He's got a bullhorn in his hand every day. It's his now. He gets the credit and the blame. How do we know this? The American people are telling him. You can see it in the polls. That's what his falling poll numbers are about. "It's been almost a year, you own this. Fix it." The president doesn't seem to like this moment. Who would? He and his men and women have returned to referring to what they "inherited." And what they inherited was, truly, terrible: again, a severe economic crisis and two wars. But their recent return to this theme is unbecoming. Worse, it is politically unpersuasive. It sounds defensive, like a dodge. The president said last week, at a San Francisco fund-raiser, that he's busy with a "mop," "cleaning up somebody else's mess," and he doesn't enjoy "somebody sitting back and saying, 'You're not holding the mop the right way.'" Later, in New Orleans, he groused that reporters are always asking "Why haven't you solved world hunger yet?" His surrogates and aides, in appearances and talk shows, have taken to remembering, sometimes at great length, the dire straits we were in when the presidency began. This is not a sign of confidence. Nor were the president's comments to a New York fund-raiser this week. Democrats, he said to the Democratic audience, are "an opinionated bunch." They always have a lot of thoughts and views. Republicans, on the other hand—"the other side"—aren't really big on independent thinking. "They just kinda sometimes do what they're told. Democrats, y'all thinkin' for yourselves." It is never a good sign when the president gets folksy, dropping his g's, because he is by nature not a folksy g-dropper but a coolly calibrating intellectual who is always trying to guess, as most politicians do, what normal people think. When Mr. Obama gets folksy he isn't narrowing his distance from his audience but underlining it. He shouldn't do this.

NPR analyst compares Obama to Nixon, issues full apology
Excerpt: It’s pretty unremarkable to describe the Obama White House’s growing enemies list — the insurance companies, Chamber of Commerce, Fox News — as “Nixonian.” But there’s one place where, if you venture such an opinion, you’d better be prepared to apologize — quickly and profusely. On National Public Radio’s “Talk of the Nation” Wednesday, NPR political editor Ken Rudin said the White House campaign against Fox News is a bad idea. “It’s not only aggressive, it’s almost Nixonesque,” Rudin said. “I mean, you think of what Nixon and Agnew did with their enemies list and their attacks on the media; certainly Vice President Agnew’s constant denunciation of the media. Of course, then it was a conservative president denouncing a liberal media, and of course, a lot of good liberals said, ‘Oh, that’s ridiculous. That’s an infringement on the freedom of press.’ And now you see a lot of liberals almost kind of applauding what the White House is doing to Fox News, which I think is distressing.”

Democrats Vote To Give ACORN Regulatory Authority Over Financial Institutions
Excerpt: During consideration of H.R. 3126, legislation to establish a Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPA), Democrats on the House Financial Services Committee voted to pass an amendment offered by Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) that will make ACORN eligible to play a role in setting regulations for financial institutions. The Waters amendment adds to the CFPA Oversight Board 5 representatives from the fields of "consumer protection, fair lending and civil rights, representatives of depository institutions that primarily serve underserved communities, or representatives of communities that have been significantly impacted by higher-priced mortgages" to join Federal banking regulators in advising the Director on the consistency of proposed regulations, and strategies and policies that the Director should undertake to enforce its rules. By making representatives of ACORN and other consumer activist organizations eligible to serve on the Oversight Board, the amendment creates a potentially enormous government sanctioned conflict of interest. ACORN-type organizations will have an advisory role on regulating the very financial institutions from which they receive millions of dollars annually in direct corporate contributions and benefit from other financial partnerships and arrangements. These are the same organizations that pressured banks to make subprime mortgage loans and thus bear a major responsibility for the collapse of the housing market.

The real climate change catastrophe
Excerpt: One who voted against it was Peter Lilley who, just before the vote was taken, drew the Speaker’s attention to the fact that, outside the Palace of Westminster, snow was falling, the first October snow recorded in London for 74 years. As I observed at the time: “Who says that God hasn’t got a sense of humour?” By any measure, the supposed menace of global warming – and the political response to it – has become one of the overwhelmingly urgent issues of our time. If one accepts the thesis that the planet faces a threat unprecedented in history, the implications are mind-boggling. But equally mind-boggling now are the implications of the price we are being asked to pay by our politicians to meet that threat. More than ever, it is a matter of the highest priority that we should know whether or not the assumptions on which the politicians base their proposals are founded on properly sound science. This is why I have been regularly reporting on the issue in my column in The Sunday Telegraph, and this week I publish a book called The Real Global Warming Disaster: Is the obsession with climate change turning out to be the most costly scientific delusion in history?.

NATO backs McChrystal
Excerpt: NATO defense ministers Friday gave “broad support” to the counterinsurgency strategy proposed by Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the top US commander in Afghanistan, but sidestepped the difficult question of how many forces would be required to implement that plan. The top UN special envoy for Afghanistan also backed McChrystal’s strategy at the NATO meeting. “We have come to a point where I believe McChrystal is right,” said Kai Eide here Friday, adding bluntly, “If we continue the way we’ve done so far, both with regard to the military effort, the civilian effort, and the behavior of the Afghan government, this project will not work.”

Counterinsurgency Doctrine and the Global Jihad
Excerpt: There have been some phony arguments put forth for another "surge" in Afghanistan. We need not a surge of troops, we merely need to let our forces there do what needs to be done - kill the enemy. There is this misconception about Afghanistan in particular (and Islam in general) that somehow we can bring Central Asia (and the rest of the Islamic world) kicking and screaming into the 21st Century through good will. This is simply not the case. There is no amount of money to spend, infrastructure to build, schools to provide, hospitals to heal, or good will that Americans can display toward the Afghan people that will produce a lasting effect. I was once told by an accomplished Afghan intelligence analyst that, "you can rent an Afghan, but you can't buy him." The hard fact is that the "hearts and minds" of the Afghan "people" are not for sale! The descendants of "The Great Khan" and their tribal cousins have no interest in being Westernized in any way. And, the human sewers that serve as their political leadership can only be rented. Americans are interlopers in a land where interlopers generally have their heads lopped off.

Obama offers millions in Muslim technology fund
Excerpt: The White House Friday highlighted a new multi-million-dollar technology fund for Muslim nations, following a pledge made by President Barack Obama in his landmark speech to the Islamic world. The White House said the US Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) had issued a call for proposals for the fund, which will provide financing of between 25 and 150 million dollars for selected projects and funds. The Global Technology and Innovation Fund will "catalyze and facilitate private sector investments" throughout Asia, the Middle East and Africa, the White House said in a statement.

Politically correct counter-terrorism
Excerpt: Do counter-terrorism measures targeting bombers who dress as women offend the rights of transexuals? This is one of the pressing questions addressed in a new United Nations report on "Protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms while countering terrorism." The 23-page document is the ultimate politically correct guide to combating terrorism. It is based on the work of U.N. special rapporteur Martin Scheinin, who notes that "immigration controls that focus attention on male bombers who may be dressing as females to avoid scrutiny make transgender persons susceptible to increased harassment and suspicion." The impact on transvestites (cross-dressers) and "intersex" individuals (those in the midst of a sex change) is even more dramatic.

White House on Beirut Marine Barracks Bombing--Can't Remember Who Murdered 241 Americans
Excerpt: All of these forces, however, are left anonymous. No one is named for involvement in that "horrific terrorist attack." And, of course the attack was not "senseless" but part of an Iranian-Syrian-Hizballah campaign to take over Lebanon and drive U.S. influence out of the region. In fact, it was counted as a great victory for these forces since it showed America's vulnerability to being hit by terrorism--an inspiration for September 11?--and did succeed in paralyzing the U.S. effort in Lebanon. Ultimately, this led to the withdrawal of the peace-keeping forces altogether, paving the way for Syria's turning Lebanon into a satellite state for two decades at a great financial and strategic profit. .None of these attacks were perpetrated by al-Qaida, the only group that remains a target of this administration's version of a war on terrorism, a phrase which is no longer used. It is bad enough the administration doesn't say any of this. Is it aware of these factors at all? Indeed, the president's advisor on terrorism is on record as saying that Hizballah is no longer a terrorist group, which opens the door for U.S. contacts in future.

Muslim accused in Boston terror plot is son of former Muslim American Society leader
The jihad is here and it wants your freedoms.

Bangladesh bans jihadist group; Obama adviser appeared on the same group's TV show
Excerpt: On Obama adviser Dalia Mogahed's appearance on Hizb ut-Tahrir's TV show, see here. She says now that she was "misled." In any case, the Bangladeshi government has done well. If only the U.S. government would follow suit.

Saudi journalist sentenced to 60 lashes
Excerpt: CNN) -- A Saudi court sentenced a female journalist Saturday to 60 lashes for her work on a controversial Arabic-language TV show that aired an episode in which a man bragged about his sex life, two sources told CNN. The court in Jeddah also imposed a two-year travel ban on Rosanna Al-Yami, according to a Saudi Information Ministry official, who could not be named because he is not authorized to speak to the media. The ban prevents her from traveling outside Saudi Arabia. This official identified Al-Yami as a fixer, who helps journalists obtain stories, and a coordinator for Lebanese Broadcasting Corp., the network that aired "A Thick Red Line," a popular show on social taboos. On one episode, a Saudi man, Mazen Abdul Jawad, bragged about sex and got into trouble with Saudi authorities for his boasts. Abdul Jawad was put on trial and sentenced to five years in prison and 1,000 lashes. Suleiman Al-Jumeii, the attorney who represents Abdul Jawad, also confirmed the sentence against Al-Yami, saying he believes she is the first Saudi journalist ever to be sentenced to lashes. (Freedom of the Press, Shari’a style. Bet this gives Chris Mathews a tingle up his leg.)

Mass arrests during prayer service for activists in Iran
Excerpt: The Iranian authorities must immediately release dozens of people arrested on Thursday during a prayer service in support of activists detained following protests after June’s presidential election, Amnesty International has said. The prayer service was organized by the family of Shahaboddin Tabatabaei, a prominent supporter of presidential candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi, who was jailed for five years earlier this week for state security offences relating to the post-election unrest. According to media reports, up to 68 people were arrested on Thursday and, in most cases, taken to Evin Prison in Tehran. Some have since been released, but most remain in detention. Some are relatives of activists who were jailed over the protests after unfair trials. “People peacefully gathering to protest unjust prison sentences should not themselves end up in jail,” said Philip Luther, Deputy Director of Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa Programme.

Bomb hits outside suspected Pakistani nuclear-weapons site
Matter of time until the Jihad gets nukes.
Sweden in Grip of Islam
We’re next
Message To Al Qaeda From Texas
Telling them. Funny.

Goodbye U.S Sovereignty... Hello One World Government!
Lord Monckton on the climate change treaty.

The witch is dead

Khe Sanh vet speaks out

I received this by e-mail. I don’t have a contact with Col. Pipes or Sgt. McNeely, but I know Pipes is the real deal. Since it’s circulating on the net as an open letter, I’m taking the liberty of publishing it on my blog.
Headquarters Cadre
Bravo Company, First Battalion, 26th Marines
Fallbrook California, 92088

24 October 2009

FROM: Lieutenant Colonel, Kenneth W. Pipes, USMC, (Retired), Officer Commanding Bravo Company, First Battalion, 26th Marines, Khe Sanh, Republic of Vietnam, 1967/1968.

TO: Sergeant Milton L. McNeely, 2340173, USMC, Bravo Company, 26th Marines, Khe Sanh, RVN, 1967/1968
SUBJECT: Commendation, Case of Sergeant Milton L. McNeely, 2340173, Bravo Company, USMC
1. In as much as Sergeant McNeely was present with his unit, Bravo Company, 1/26 before, during and after the Battle of Khe Sanh and in recognition of his Staunch, Resolute, Determined and Forthright desire to, at all times, step forward to speak in behalf of his Marine Companions at Arms, he is here by Commended for once again, going into the breach in their behalf and in behalf of our Service Members currently battling our country's enemies in Afghanistan.
2. It is strongly recommended that the current President of the United States take the advice and sage counseling of Sergeant McNeely's powerful observation and strongly worded recommendation; noting that those that fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat the same mistakes.
3. It is directed that a copy of this Commendation be attached to Sergeant McNeely's letter and that both documents be framed and prominently displayed in his home or office in recognition of his courageous action.
Captain, Kenneth W. Pipes
Officer Commanding
Bravo Company, 1/26
Khe Sanh Combat Base, 1967/1968

October 24, 2009
SUBJ: Open letter to President Obama --- Regarding Afghanistan
President Obama In your inaugural speech you said, "For us, they fought and died, in places like Concord and Gettysburg; Normandy and Khe Sanh."
While men and women that have served our country so well in the past should be honored and held in the highest regard, it is absolutely necessary and your moral obligation and responsibility to prioritize the safety and welfare of those that serve now and risk their lives on today's battlefields.
Mr. President, I being one of those many veterans that served at Khe Sanh during the 77 day siege in 1968, recall a situation that is somewhat similar to the one in which you presently find yourself, regarding Afghanistan. The request for 40,000 additional troops for Afghanistan is much like the request that President Johnson received in 1968, for additional troops for Vietnam.
On March 30, 1968, Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 26th Marines defeated a heavily fortified enemy battalion just outside of the Khe Sanh Combat Base in one of the few bayonet charges of the Vietnam war and for all practical purposes the Siege was coming to an end with the enemy defeated.
On March 31, 1968, President Johnson announced that he would not send the additional troops requested and he committed the US to a non-military solution of the war by ordering a bombing halt over 75% of North Vietnam. During the Siege, Bravo Company had sustained over 50% causalities killed or wounded and, unless there with me, one cannot imagine the anger and contempt I felt toward a president who would play politics with the lives of men that had already given so much.
Halting or reducing the bombing of the North would allow the enemy to bring more ordinance to bear in the Siege or to divert elsewhere. We later learned that the NVA were defeated and would have capitulated, if we would have pressed the attack at this point. Respite from bombing afforded the enemy opportunity to more easily withdraw and regroup. It lead to several additional years of war, thousands of additional American causalities, and eventually the defeat of South Vietnam.
Having extended my tour in Vietnam, the middle of April found me in the Da Nang airport finding transportation for a 30 day leave in the US before I would return to B/1/26. Given an opportunity, I spoke out to an Australian news correspondent challenging President Johnson for playing "Political Football" with the war in Vietnam and with lives of military personal serving there.
Returning from leave I found myself standing tall in the Battalion Headquarters answering to officers from Division Headquarters wanting to know if I had actually said the words that I had been credited with by the Australian press. I proudly agreed that the words were mine but I was a little put off that the newspaper failed to use the exact verbiage that would have better expressed my disdain and anger toward an administration that would not give our troops the same loyalty and support that was expected of them.
Of course they told me that I should not have made these comments to any newspaper much less a foreign one and that I needed to keep my mouth shut. I suppose they could tell by my attitude that I had more to say and would say it publicly given any opportunity. They eventually threatened me with the possibility of a court martial but not being swayed I was soon sent on my way and heard no more about it. Still, I have often wondered what discussions were held and what conclusions were drawn concerning this 19 year old Marine Corporal publicly criticizing the President of the United States about his decision to not support the troops on the ground in Vietnam.
President Obama, I believe that you have had sufficient time to determine if our continued military presence in Afghanistan is, or is not, in the best interest of the United States. If the determination has not yet been made, then as Commander-in-Chief, please do so with all haste. If it is not in our national interest, then please withdraw our troops immediately; but if it is or as long as they are in harm's way and for as long as necessary, support our troops with all the financial, logistical and human resources that are required. It makes no difference which legitimate or illegitimate group governs Afghanistan. Our moral imperative, responsibility and commitment is to our troops and none other.
Milton McNeely

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