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Political Digest October 3, 2009

I post articles because I think they are of interest. Doing so doesn’t mean that I necessarily agree with every—or any—opinion in the posted article.

David Horowitz’s NewsReal Blog
Uses another of my sonnets.

IOC Eliminates Chicago From Consideration for 2016 Olympic Games
Must be Bush’s fault—the world loves Obama! As a resident of Crook County, I think they escaped being looted by the Daley Machine.

Canada's Health Care 'Refugees'
Excerpt: Specifically, Gilbert wants to prevent her son from enduring the agony of government waiting lists she has known all too well. After first encountering excruciating back pain in 2001, she was forced to wait six months for an MRI. Nearly three more years passed before she made it to the top of a waiting list for spinal fusion surgery. Even then, she recalls, one surgeon refused to operate because she “hadn’t suffered enough.” Another, however, saw things differently, lobbying for Gilbert to get the procedure and successfully performing it himself. At 38, Gilbert is now off public assistance, owns her home, and manages a financial services business. Life is good, though she still suffers immense guilt from memories of being “an absent mother,” agonized by being unable to play with her kids, and struggling to remain coherent as she downed morphine to drown the pain.

Letterman admits affair with employees
Feminists used to say that having sex with employees was the equivalent of rape, because there was a power imbalance. They got kind of quiet about that after Bill Clinton lied under oath about having sex with an employee, in a case charging him with sexual harassment. So the new rule is that sex with employees is okay for prominent liberals. Letterman will get no flak about this.

Senate Republicans Criticize Taxes in Health-Care Bill
Finance Committee's Measure Would Break Obama Campaign Vow, They Say
Yeah, but no one with a brain believed him.

October 1, 2009 - Pennsylvania Senate Seesaw Tips To Toomey, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds; Obama's Approval Drops Below 50 Percent Bold
Obama down from 63% in PA.

Swiss Healthcare system thrives without public option
Excerpt: Like every other country in Europe, Switzerland guarantees health care for all its citizens. But the system does not remotely resemble the model of bureaucratic, socialized medicine often cited by opponents of universal coverage in the United States. Swiss private insurers are required to offer coverage to all citizens, regardless of age or medical history. And those people, in turn, are obligated to buy health insurance. That is why many academics who have studied the Swiss health care system have pointed to this Alpine nation of about 7.5 million as a model that delivers much of what Washington is aiming to accomplish -- without the contentious option of a government-run health insurance plan. As a potential model for the United States, the Swiss health care system involves some important trade-offs that American consumers, insurers and health care providers might find hard to swallow, says the New York Times.

Empower Patients First Act: Another Serious Conservative Health Plan
Excerpt: During his address to a joint session of Congress President Obama said, “If you come to me with a serious set of proposals, I will be there to listen. My door is always open.” Well, it’s time for the President and Congressional leaders to listen, especially if they are sincere about wanting a bipartisan approach to health care reform.Rep. Tom Price (R-GA), chairman of the Republican Study Committee, has joined a host of other Republicans in the House of Representatives by crafting a serious conservative alternative to the health plans that the President and the Democratic leadership are trying to push through Congress.Dr. Price, who was a practicing physician for nearly 25 years before coming to Congress, has made a diagnosis and offered his prescription for what ails the current health care system.

Politicians Earn Distrust
Excerpt: Politicians lie. A few politicians are honest. Sometimes, even, what appears to be politicians' lying is just incompetence and cluelessness. The point is that when politicians are trying to sell the public on a big program, they don't let the actual costs and consequences of the program get in the way. In fact, the next time a tax or a program costs what politicians say will be the first time.

Senate nixes GOP bid to have Generals testify
Excerpt: Republicans had insisted Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan, testify before Congress on his belief that without more troops sent to the region, the war there will be lost. But Sen. Carl Levin, Michigan Democrat and chairman of the Armed Services Committee, said Congress didn't tie President George W. Bush's hands when he was planning the troop surge in Iraq, and that lawmakers should give Mr. Obama the same leeway as he decides whether to send more troops to Afghanistan.

Obama’s Pain Pills (A tough read)
Excerpt: On June 24, 2009, President Obama made the following statement on an ABC Obama Infomercial, “Maybe you’re better off not having the surgery, but just taking the pain killer.” This is the wise counsel of a man who has never known life and death on an intimate level. This comes from a man who has led a sheltered existence and never considered serving his country other than a partial term in the senate and a few months in the White House. Are you prepared to have this spoiled untested man make life and death considerations for your loved ones…. In his struggles, he grabbed my left arm with his right hand and held on tight. He couldn’t scream out in agony, his mouth was gone. I couldn’t look into his eyes because they were gone. All he could do was to hold on to my arm. He could hear, but I was too stunned and scared to talk to him. My squad and the rest of the platoon passed me and became engaged in a bigger firefight up ahead. My platoon leader rushed by me, I cried out, “What do I do?” He quickly surveyed the situation and replied, “Finish him, I need you up ahead, now!” He ducked his head and ran up ahead to the firefight…. When President Obama says, maybe sick people should just be given a pain pill; I hope he isn’t referring to a situation like the one in that valley of hell back in ’67. With his life experiences and wise decision making skills, I am sure he could have made the right decision and lived his life in perfect harmony. Hopefully, Obama will never be so stupid to tell me to give a loved one a loved one a pain pill and wait for them to die; for this is a sure fire method to gain life experience very quickly. Yes, thank you Obama, for your sage advice and wise counsel on life and death; but personally, I’d rather put my faith and trust in someone with a little more life experience than a community organizer.

Obama’s French Lesson
Excerpt: When France chides you for appeasement, you know you're scraping bottom. Just how low we've sunk was demonstrated by the Obama administration's satisfaction when Russia's president said of Iran, after meeting President Obama at the U.N., that "sanctions are seldom productive, but they are sometimes inevitable."

Female Genital Mutilation, Islam and Leftist Silence
Excerpt: The recent controversy surrounds a Frontpage interview I did with Ines Laufer, an anti-FGM activist. Along with Lucy Mashua, a Kenyan victim of FGM, she is presently leading a new campaign,, to protect girls from this barbarity.

Rationing in Baucus Bill
Excerpt: The offending provision is on Pages 80-81 of the unamended Baucus bill, hidden amid a lot of similar legislative mumbo-jumbo about Medicare payments to doctors. The key sentence: “Beginning in 2015, payment would be reduced by five percent if an aggregation of the physician’s resource use is at or above the 90th percentile of national utilization.” Translated into plain English, it means that in any year in which a particular doctor’s average per-patient Medicare costs are in the top 10 percent in the nation, the feds will cut the doctor’s payments by 5 percent.

Somalia: Another church leader killed, after jihadist's wife caught her with six Bibles
Tolerant Islam.

Britain must charge for health care and raise retiring age to escape debt crisis, says IMF
Excerpt: Gordon Brown was warned last night to raise the retirement age above 65 and introduce NHS charges to tackle the soaring state deficit. In a devastating intervention, the International Monetary Fund called for radical changes to the pension system and spending cuts that go far beyond the plans outlined by the Prime Minister this week. The global watchdog said root and branch changes to public sector spending would be necessary to 'help keep a lid on the debt' and restore financial stability. (Don’t laugh—we’re next!)

Another “Birther”

Top Ten Things Capitalism Has Done for Michael Moore
Too funny.

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