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Old Jarhead's Political SitRep for November 12, 2012

Old Jarhead's Political SitRep for November 12, 2012
Robert A. Hall

Rascal Cliff Coming?
My granddaughter, Britnye was looking at the TV. "What's it say?" Bonnie asked. "Something about the Rascal Cliff," she replied. Close enough.

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Advice for my Granddaughter: For When I'm Gone
All royalties go to the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation.

Excerpt: The future is one of incredibly small government -- not in the virtuous, self-reliant Republic sort of way, but in the tragic "government crashes into the January fiscal cliff and explodes" sort of way. The grand programs instituted under the guise of moral superiority will abruptly end amongst the shrapnel of audacious government meeting the rocky cliffs of nature's reality. 

Worth Reading: The Decline and Fall of the American Empire: If this election proves one thing, it is that the Old America is gone. And, sad for the world, it is not coming back. By Rabbi Steven Pruzansky
Excerpt: The simplest reason why Romney lost was because it is impossible to compete against free stuff. Every businessman knows this; that is why the “loss leader” or the giveaway is such a powerful marketing tool. Obama’s America is one in which free stuff is given away: the adults among the 47,000,000 on food stamps clearly recognized for whom they should vote, and so they did, by the tens of millions; those who – courtesy of Obama – receive two full years of unemployment benefits (which, of course, both disincentivizes looking for work and also motivates people to work off the books while collecting their windfall) surely know for whom to vote; so too those who anticipate “free” health care, who expect the government to pay their mortgages, who look for the government to give them jobs. The lure of free stuff is irresistible. (But the money to pay for free stuff is fast running out. ~Bob.)

Decide to Drive
Good website for that driver in your family, probably a teen, who might be tempted to text or talk on a cell phone while driving. ~Bob.

Programmer developed program to rig elections
We already knew it was technically possible. Doesn't mean, absent evidence, that it happened. ~Bob. 

Voter rolls in Ohio are bloated, experts say
This might explain some things. September article, but I missed it then. ~Bob. Excerpt: More than one out of every five registered Ohio voters is probably ineligible to vote. In two counties, the number of registered voters actually exceeds the voting-age population: Northwestern Ohio’s Wood County shows 109 registered voters for every 100 eligible, while in Lawrence County along the Ohio River it’s a mere 104 registered per 100 eligible.

Voter Fraud: Obama Won 108% of Registered Voters in Ohio County
Excerpt: Mr. Obama won Wood County in Ohio this year. That’s right, Mr. Obama won the majority of Wood County’s 108% of registered voters. That’s not a typo. In 2012, 106,258 people in Wood County are registered to vote out of an eligible 98,213.

Update: Lawsuit filed in Ohio over software updates to vote tabulation machines
Excerpt: The co-chairman of the Ohio Green Party and editor of, Bob Fitrakis, on Monday filed a federal lawsuit over software that was allegedly installed on central vote tabulation machines in 39 Ohio counties without being tested or certified for use, as required by state law.

Colorado Counties Have More Voters Than People
Excerpt: A review of voter registration data for ten counties in Colorado details a pattern of voter bloat inflating registration rolls to numbers larger than the total voting age population. Using publicly available voter data and comparing it to U.S. Census records reveals the ten counties having a total registration ranging between 104 to 140 percent of the respective populations.

Israeli minister calls for ground offensive after Palestinians launch dozens of rockets into Israel
Excerpt: At least 85 rockets have been fired from Gaza towards Israeli forces and civilians since Saturday morning, according to the Israeli Defense Forces. In the past six hours, rockets have struck southern Israel, including two that hit the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council building. A number of missiles have been intercepted by the IDF’s “Iron Dome”– a mobile missile defense system that can intercept short-range missiles fired toward populated areas. (No sweat--Obama's got their backs. ~Bob.)

SAS war hero jailed after 'betrayal'
Excerpt: An SAS soldier has been jailed for possessing a “war trophy” pistol presented to him by the Iraqi Army for outstanding service.

UK exit costly... for the EU
Excerpt: The price of leaving the European Union will be high, argues Simon Miller. But not necessarily for the UK.

How Obama could lose the Media on Benghazi-gate in his second term. by Ben Barrack 
Excerpt: In Lyndon Johnson’s second term, it was his failures in Vietnam; Watergate broke in Richard Nixon’s first term but took him down after reelection; Iran-Contra dogged Ronald Reagan; Bill Clinton was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice late in his second term; and George W. Bush’s second term was marred by failures in Iraq, a stalled agenda, and a mortgage crisis that hit just as he was leaving office. Taken together, these realities do not portend well for Barack Obama in the next four years. However, Obama has something none of the aforementioned presidents did – an unyieldingly complicit media.

Unlicensed To Kill. By Debra J. Saunders
Excerpt: Drew Rosenberg became a victim of San Francisco's sanctuary-city policies Nov. 16, 2010. The second-year law student was riding his motorcycle in rush-hour traffic, when a car driven by an unlicensed driver made a left turn and hit him. That evening, Don Rosenberg of Westlake Village, Calif., received the phone call every parent dreads. ... As Rosenberg investigated driver Roberto Galo's background, he discovered that San Francisco's sanctuary-city policies have served as an enabler for dangerous drivers.

BBC scrubs story about starving Palestinians building luxury homes in West Bank

Excerpt: A pair of suicide bombers killed an estimated 20 Syrian soldiers in an attack in the city of Daraa, near the Jordanian border. Today's suicide attack is the 40th of its kind in Syria in less than a year.

Congratulations to the Democrats and Young People! You now own it.
Not at all. The Media will help them blame Bush and the GOP House, whatever goes wrong. ~Bob.

Obamacare Now in High Gear, Fully Operational in 11 Months
Excerpt: Its place assured alongside Medicare and Medicaid, President Barack Obama's healthcare law is now in a sprint to the finish line, with just 11 months to go before millions of uninsured people can start signing up for coverage. But there are hurdles in the way. (OK, here comes the actual consequence of elections.....Del)

The littlest offender
A 3-year-old Oklahoma boy has been fined $2,500 for urinating in his own front yard. 

Strength is the ability to break a chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare hands and then eat just one of those pieces.

Royal Dutch Shell shuts down Nigeria oil pipeline
Excerpt: Royal Dutch Shell PLC says it has shut down a pipeline in Nigeria's oil-rich southern delta after finding leaks it blamed on oil thieves.

Arizona gun dealer tells Obama voters, 'Turn around and leave!'
Excerpt: An Arizona-based firearms dealer is refusing to do business with gun owners or potential gun buyers who voted for Barack Obama, and whether it costs him money, he is providing those potential customers with what he considers an object lesson about actions and consequences.

Thousands of banks may disappear
Excerpt: Wall Streeters say Obama's second term will be the death knell for small banks. Do we need to worry about Too Small to Survive?
Why do we know more about #Petraeus and his mistress after 2 days than we know about #Benghazi after 2 months?

Thousands report voting problems
Excerpt: Long lines weren’t the only problems voters are facing across the country Tuesday. Particularly in battleground states, reports of voting problems were flooding into vote-protection groups. The Election Protection Coalition, comprised of more than 100 local organizations dedicated to protecting the right to vote, reported more than 70,000 complaint calls by 5 p.m. Eastern time.

After Obama reelection, Murray Energy CEO reads prayer, announces layoffs
Excerpt: Robert E. Murray read a prayer to a group of company staff members on the day after the election, lamenting the direction of the country and asking: “Lord, please forgive me and anyone with me in Murray Energy Corp. for the decisions that we are now forced to make to preserve the very existence of any of the enterprises that you have helped us build.” On Wednesday, Murray also laid off 54 people at American Coal, one of his subsidiary companies, and 102 at Utah American Energy, blaming a “war on coal” by the Obama administration. 

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  1. When the American economy crashes, so will the world economy. More significantly, with the US military unable to provide global stability, conflict will flare around the world. I won't call it a world war, because I don't see anyone with the wherewithal to send occupation troops half way around the world, as the Allies did in WWII. Maybe the term should be a "World at War," before we collapse into a new dark age.